Introducing five foods that can reduce sex fire

Introducing five foods that can reduce “sex fire”

Lead: Young people, especially young men, often have great fantasies about sex and strong sexual desire during the growth stage.
Chinese medicine believes that too strong or frequent sexual excitement of sexual desire is a pathological manifestation. Excessive sexual desire seriously affects patients’ health and family happiness.
Introduce several foods to help you maintain physical harmony.
Winter melon is rich in crude fiber, nicotinic acid and so on. It has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, diminishing swelling, lowering qi and reducing phlegm. Regular eating winter melon can clear heart heat, reduce craving and eliminate manic symptoms.
Lianzixin has the effect of clearing the heart and reducing fire, which can make men’s libido low.
In ancient Chinese medical classics, there is also a record of “women living often drinking lotus seed tea” in order to resolve their desires.
Bamboo shoots Bamboo shoots contain a large amount of oxalic acid, which can affect the body’s absorption and use of calcium and zinc. Zinc deficiency can reduce sexual desire and reduce sexual performance.
The water chestnut has a sweet and cold taste, which can clear away heat and annoyance, and calm the desire of men and women.
Kale, also known as kohlrabi, has a sweet and sweet taste, is good for swelling and detoxification.
Long eating kale can inhibit the secretion of sex hormones.
In addition, people with hypersexuality should develop good living habits, work regularly, reduce staying up late, do not wear tight underwear, bedding is not too warm, do not drink excited drinks before going to bed, sleep sideways, do not watchPornographic publications, videos, etc.
Usually also add some sports, such as swimming, playing basketball, climbing, etc. to divert their attention.