Daily rubbing place can strengthen your body_1

Daily rubbing can strengthen your body

Rub your hands.

hzh{display:none;}  双手先对搓手背50下,然后再对搓手掌50下。Be sure to rub your hands with heat.

Frequent rubbing of hands can promote the excitement of the brain and the whole body, increase the posture of the hands, soften and cold resistance, and can also delay the aging of the hands.

  Rubbing the forehead alternately rubs the forehead up and down 50 times. Frequent rubbing can awake the brain and delay the generation of wrinkles.

  Rub the nose with both forefingers of both sides of the bridge of the nose.

Frequent rubbing of the nose can make the nasal cavity unobstructed, and has the effect of complications of colds and rhinitis.

  Rub ears Rub the ears back and forth 50 times with the palm of your hand to stimulate the acupuncture points on the ears to promote general health and enhance hearing.

  Rubbing the ribs first left hand and then right hand in the middle of the two ribs in the “thymus” acupoints in turn, each rub 50 times, often rubbing the chest can cause soothing effect.

  Rubbing the abdomen first, then rubbing the abdomen with 50 strokes each in the left and right hands, can promote digestion and prevent accumulation of food and constipation.

  Rubbing the left and right palms with 50 strokes at the waist can nourish the kidney and strengthen the vitality, and can also add back acid.

  Knead the foot first with the left foot and the right foot 50 times, and then with the right hand the left foot 50 times.

The foot is the “second heart” of the person. Regular rubbing of the foot can promote blood circulation, stimulate and enhance the function of the endocrine system, strengthen the body’s immunity and resistance to disease, thereby increasing the cold resistance of the foot.

  When doing the “eight rubs”, do not rub the hands, foreheads and ears, but when rubbing the nose, ribs, abdomen, waist, and feet, the techniques may be heavier.