[How to prepare frozen strips of fish?

】 _How to do_Homely

[How to prepare frozen strips of fish?
】 _How to do_Homely

Belt fish is a delicious food in the deep sea, especially in coastal areas, there are very many people who like to eat belt fish.

With the development of logistics, people living in the inland can also eat fresh belt fish, and in the northern regions, people seem to prefer to eat frozen belt fish, thinking that this way is the most authentic way of eating.

So the question is, what is the best way to make frozen strips?

Band fishes belong to the osteophyte group Perchidae in the subfamily Infected subphylum.

Also known as saury, kerchiefs, fat bands, oil bands, tooth band fish, etc., ferocious.

Qingdao, the city along the Yellow Sea along Rizhao, is called catfish.

The body of the band fish is flat like a band, silver-gray, light gray on the dorsal and pectoral fins, with very small spots, and the tail is black. The head of the band fish is large and gradually tapered to the tail.Meters around.

It is ferocious and feeds mainly on shrimp and squid.

It is mainly distributed in the Western Pacific and Indian Ocean. It is distributed in China’s Yellow Sea, East China Sea, Bohai Sea and South China Sea. It is also known as China’s four large seafoods, including big yellow croaker, small yellow croaker and squid.

Ingredients: 500 grams of strip fish Seasoning: Soy sauce 4 grams of starch (peas) 5 grams of green onions 3 grams of ginger 3 grams of salt 2 grams of white sugar 3 grams of peanut oil 25 grams

Scrap and wash the fish, remove the internal organs, mouth, back stab, and chop into 10 cm long sections; 2.

2. Wash the green onions and cut into sections; wash and slice the ginger; 3.

3. Add starch into water to make mash juice for future use; 4.

4. Fill the pot with hot fire and fry the fish pieces until golden brown. 5.

After degreasing, add fish pieces, add 500 grams of cooking wine and broth, and add soy sauce, salt, spring onion, ginger slices and aniseed small amount; 6.

Cover the pan and bring to a boil for 10 minutes; 7.

Remove and fillet the fish; 8.

Add the adjusted starch to the original pot and stir well. Pour the oil on top of the fish and serve.