2016 Snooker National Championship 25th game live video Xu Si vs James Watana_1

2016 Snooker National Championship 25th match live video Xu Si vs James Watana
The 2016/2017 Snooker National Day Gold Medal (Attachment: 2016 Snooker National Day complete schedule schedule + contestant match list/sign-in form) entered the third competition day (October 25). ThisThere will be a second round of competition on the match day.In the first round of the game, Chinese player Xu Si burst out of the game and saved 6-5 at the match point, reversing Kim left-handed Williams and successfully advanced to the second round of the national championship.Xu Si information map Xu Si 6-5 Williams Xu Si scored a single shot 145 high score in the wild card game, and the opponent who advanced into the first round was the famous left-handed Williams. At the beginning of the game, Xu Si continued to play on the offensive end.The pole scored 76, 88 points and led 2-0.In the third game, Williams was able to pull back a game with 52 points. Xu Si then scored 77 points in the fourth game with a single shot, leading the total score 3-1.After the break, Williams’ status quickly improved, 4-3 in a three-game winning streak, Xu Si then won 4-4 in the 8th inning.In the 9th inning, Williams completed a single shot with 114 points and broke 100 points. He took the lead in 5-4 to get the match point. In the 9th inning, Williams completed a 52 point in the corner to save the tie 5-5.In the decisive game, Xu Si took a 38-5 lead, then Xu Si seized the opportunity to start again, and after a superb win, 6-5 reversed and eliminated Williams, breaking the biggest upset since the start of the national championship.(Source: Tencent Sports) In the second round of the 2016 Snooker Daqing National Championships, Chinese player Xu Si’s opponent was Xu Si vs James Watana.The game was 14:30 pm on October 25.  Watch the game live”》 2016 Snooker National Championship video live broadcast address 2016 Snooker National Championship Live Room/bar