Health drink jujube water can prevent colds

Health drink jujube water can prevent colds

Some relatively weak children are susceptible to colds whenever the season changes or they sweat during exercise.

In order to improve the child’s immunity and effectively prevent the frequent occurrence of colds, parents do not prevent the children from making some “health drinks” to drink.

  The method of health drink is very simple. You can use ginseng (15g) and red dates (7-9) or red dates and astragalus (15g) decoction to let the child eat red dates at the same time.

This “health drink” has a good effect of nourishing qi, strengthening the spleen, nourishing the lungs and strengthening the body.

  For children who are physically weak and often suffer from colds due to sweating, one or two flavors can be added to the above “health drinks”: if the child is sweaty during the day, astragalus (15 g), atractylodes (10 g), and windproof (6 grams), jujube (5-7) decoction drink; if your child sweats easily at night, use ginseng (15g), floating wheat (15g), jujube (5-7) decoction,This effect will be better.