Keep up the four barriers in spring

Keep up the four barriers in spring

Spring is here, Qun Fang is competing, and the scenery is beautiful.

However, it is a great torture for people who are allergic to pollen.

You can never go out, and you can’t belittle your body. You can sneeze or runny nose, which can cause bronchial obstruction and even endanger your life.

  ■ Eating-Seasonal fruits and vegetables cause food allergies. As soon as spring arrives, “Spring is in Xitou”, it has aroused many people’s thoughts on wild vegetables.

However, the doctor reminded that wild vegetables contain a large amount of light-sensitive ingredients, and people with sensitive constitutions are prone to itching and other reactions after eating.

In addition, there are not a few patients with fruit allergies. The most common are allergies to mango and pineapple.

Patients usually have red lips and rashes.

  Experts remind: Try to avoid purslane, dandelion and other light-sensitive wild vegetables in spring.

For mangoes, such as mangoes, which are prone to allergies, try to cut them into small pieces to prevent the juice from getting around your lips.

  ■ Living-Pneumoconiosis is causing the skin allergies in spring. The air in spring is “dirty”, and there are reports that “15 million parasites accompany you to sleep in spring”, which vividly reveals a large number of spring-born parasitic diseases.

Abnormal worms can easily invade by contacting with the skin, while absorbing skin nutrition, they also destroy the sebaceous glands of the hair follicles and cause skin redness and swelling.

  Small reminder: House dust mites are usually the main ones, and about 85% of households can detect dust mites.

In addition to formaldehyde bugs, it is recommended to wash ironing bedding with water at about 60 ° C; regularly clean carpets and curtains.

  ■ Vision-Fatigue, Hidden Eye Allergy, Are Eyes Allergic?

It sounds incredible, but after a busy day, you feel itchy eyes with a burning sensation, which is obviously eye sensitivity.

Eye allergies are actually a typical manifestation of allergic conjunctivitis.

  Doctors remind that excessive use of the eyes can cause eye fatigue, coupled with the clogging of dust floating objects in the spring, and some perfumes, cosmetics, etc. that can pose a threat to the eyes, may cause eye allergies.

  Experts remind: try to avoid excessive eye fatigue and less contact with perfumes and cosmetics and other allergens. During treatment, it is best to apply anti-allergic drugs under the guidance of a doctor. Do not use eye drops at will, otherwise it is more likely to increase eye infections and cause other eye diseases.Odds.

  ■ Smelling-Pollen affects nasopharyngeal allergies. Spring warming is just right, but some people experience discomfort after throat viewing.

In fact, this is a typical manifestation of pollen trouble-pollen causes nasopharyngeal allergies.

Nasopharyngeal allergies have symptoms similar to colds and are easily replaced.

  Experts remind: it is difficult to cure a nasal allergy, and you can only take protective measures in advance and wear a mask and scarf when going out.

In addition, strengthening the body’s resistance can also be prevented.