How women winter health tips you need to know

Has passed, and now many parts of the South began to snow, the cold weather also increasingly start up。
So women in this cold winter, how do health following small series to tell you a few tips you need to know!Cold season, the most important thing is the cold, increase endurance。 Eat cold foods can improve the body's resistance。 Teach you today 10 Winter health tips, let you no longer afraid of the cold winter。
1, appropriate tonic in winter tonic should be high protein, high-calorie foods, such as meat and a variety of herbal supplements。 Must pay attention to nutritional supplements can not hurt the stomach, especially in the elderly should be kidney qi foods。 How women winter health tips you need to know 2, the amount of sweating Sweating is the body's normal physiological phenomenon, because people are afraid of the cold winter, most of them are the very heavy clothes, wear more, less activity, leading to body heat not properly distributed, causing symptoms get angry。 Sweating is the body of a normal way of detoxification, the body is beneficial。
3, the saying goes cold from the feet warm from the soles of the feet, there are a lot of people's feet close relationship with human organs, foot cold, will lead to a series of illnesses。
Women pay attention to foot to keep warm, but also good for your health。
Winter woman you need to know how health tips 4, prevention of cold winter weather, easy to breed a lot of bacteria, many people with chronic diseases will choose relapse in the autumn and winter, the cold and warm fall and winter health is the most important measures。 Increasing physical activity can be effective in preventing disease, strengthen body resistance。
5, happy people mood is very susceptible to environmental influences, such as cold weather can cause depression。
The best way to eliminate boredom is through proper physical exercise to release stress, relax。 Recommended reading:。