AI driven by the rapid growth of commercial enterprise

■ reporter Tang Fuyong March 21 evening, Kingsoft released in mid-2017 full year and fourth quarter。 Reported Kingsoft 2017 annual revenues of billion yuan, an increase of 35%。
Jinshan Yun annual revenue of billion yuan, an increase of 81%, much higher than the average world-renowned consulting firm IDC disclosed earlier Chinese public cloud market growth rate of 58%, continued to lead the Chinese market。
The fourth quarter of 2017, revenue reached Jinshan Yun billion yuan, accounting for total revenue accounted for Kingsoft continued to improve to 29%。
According to IDC show in mid-November 2017 release of "2017 China Annual public cloud services market in the first half Tracker" Jinshan Yun has been ranked the top three, in the increasingly fierce market competition in the domestic public cloud environment, continued market share expand, reaching%。 Reported annual mid-2017, Jinshan Yun focused enterprise market, continued to play professional advantages in video, gaming, government and enterprises, financial, medical and other fields, with full commercial AI landing, driven by revenue growth。
In vertical industry, Jinshan Yun AI-based commercial capability enables multi-point breakthrough business。
For example, in the financial sector, Jinshan Yun-stop to help the new network Bank, China Merchants Bank, Industrial and gold playing a number scale, diversification, unique industry solutions and cloud management platform, cloud and enterprise applications easily on AI。
In the manufacturing area, AI-based product appearance defect detection scheme, without affecting the original production model based on the use of AI products automate the screening, greatly improve the passing rate of manufactured products。
In the medical field, the use of intelligent diagnosis technology, help physicians to complete medical records voice input, safe medication guide, basic diagnosis, improve work efficiency。
From the earnings perspective, sustainable development, dedicated service, the steady expansion of the achievements of the Unicorn status Jinshan Yun。 But Jinshan Yun target does not stop there。 Jinshan Yun CEO Wang Yulin said, "Chinese cloud computing market is in a period of development, in addition to focusing more vertical industries Jinshan Yun enterprise-class service, will further accelerate overseas distribution, to expand in Europe, North America, Southeast Asia and other overseas markets, continued leading China cloud computing industry development。 "。