Education reform into the deep water area facing two questions outside school burden to be solved by the negative

  Just two of the country this year, as the people's livelihood education, high concern on behalf of members, it has become a topic of general concern inside and outside the venue。
"Minister channel" "represents the channel on two sessions", "members of the channel" and press conference and panel discussion, also passed out a lot of things off education reform and development of good sound, good points, good message, inject confidence into education after two sessions。   Just hold "chronic illness", "chronic illness" and "pivotal" since the party's 18, China's educational reform and development has made great achievements, but at the same time, along with education reform into the "deep water", a number of difficult issues and some "chronic illness" "chronic illness" also go hand in hand, a "contradiction between the people's growing need for a better life and imbalances are not fully developed" outstanding performance in education。 Two of the country this year, the Ministry of Education responsible person to face the issue with representatives of the members offer advice and suggestions。
  Their first two sessions "minister channel", Minister Chen Baosheng focus of the first question, that is, after-school "half past three" challenges associated with outside organizations and remedial chaos。
Interview, the reporter learned that, as China's economic development, China Education Development product of a particular stage, "half past three" problem in the past period of time, become a real problem plagued many families, including Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing and more also carried out various forms of exploration, and strive to effectively solve the worries of parents。
But with the gradual in-depth exploration of issues have been resolved to some extent at the same time, there have been some new problems and contradictions, how to turn ideas across sectors to address policy constraints, and become the most pressing issue。
To this end, Chen Baosheng pointed out how the cost of extension of time teachers work involves sharing, how appropriate labor laws and regulations related to coordination, the next step is to make efforts to solve the problem。   Likewise just hold "a bid" and there are "persistent" problem: extracurricular students' heavy burden。 Two sessions this year, "burden" was formally written into the government work report, representatives and members also have generally reached this consensus: although in recent years introduced a number of policy measures have achieved some results, but there are still some problems, such as " one size fits all "quantitative regulations ignored the students 'individual differences and regions, the gap between the reality of inter-school; schools' burden 'off-campus' negative growth 'of outstanding issues, all kinds of' remedial classes '' excellent training classes 'so that parents' love and hate Cross ", teachers, parents and especially the students 'burden' to get a sense of not strong, etc.。   The reason, representatives and members generally agreed that, for many reasons: first, high-quality educational resources in short supply, "remedial classes" has become the only alternative some parents。 Secondly, the orientation of school education, family education, social education is not clear enough, more and more goals were added to the school and students, more and more content to be "into the campus", "into the classroom."。 In addition, at present, in order to meet the needs of state, local, school-based curriculum construction of three teachers outside the prescribed curriculum outline, but also develop a variety of practical courses, integrated curriculum, curriculum expanded too fast, too kind, coupled with discipline between, between science segment, the lack of convergence between teachers integrate hands-on, creative production, inspections, investigations, new jobs and other forms of parent-child cooperation growing stack up to become a heavier burden。   How to solve?CPPCC National Committee members, Dongcheng District, Beijing historians Education Group president Wang Huan suggestions: First, to strengthen the balanced development of compulsory quality basic education to provide more resources。 To standardize the curriculum at the same time, deepen the reform of evaluation, we targeted to do the "burden", "four operations"。 "Addition", is the child's sleep and exercise plus the time to go to get close to nature and interests to add the phrase; "subtraction", and strictly control the number of jobs inside and outside class, type, form, difficulty, to cut down unnecessary burden ; "multiplication" is a multiple evaluation of the incentives to expand exponentially; "division" is the violation of school to make up classes, taught a class, as well as the growth of a variety of violations of the law firm to remove the student competition。
In addition, to focus on improving the efficiency of classroom teaching, to achieve the main front education content-type "burden"。 More importantly, we should vigorously promote "basic education foundation for the development of life" values, promote school education, effective interface between family education, social education, three complement each other, benign mutual aid and concerted efforts on the "burden" problem。
  The same concern was also basic research on how to make the "shortcomings" of the problem。 Strong scientific and technological talent and strong country, only a strong foundation to a strong science and technology, basic research on how to make higher education "short board", to attract more talent "bench to sit cold decade," basic research calmed down plunge?CPPCC National Committee members, National Natural Science Foundation of China, former director of Chinese Academy of Sciences Yang Wei believes that the source of basic research is not only driven the development of innovative, may also become a short board, since basic research has three characteristics: personnel training cycle is long, can not Destructive Enthusiasm; from basic research to the economic and social application of the chain length, with short-term performance is difficult to assess; exploratory basic research, poor predictability。
Therefore, not a set schedule to develop basic research to the development of stable long-term care of basic research。   To achieve "fair and quality" of education still needs to tackle tough big party nineteenth report, "trying to make every child a fair and quality education," To achieve this goal, especially higher the quality of the fair, to be committed to innovation, to tackle tough。   During the two sessions, compulsory education for children with disabilities becomes an issue relevant ministries and representatives of the members of general interest。
Chairman of the Executive Board of China Disabled Persons' Federation Lu Yong in the "minister channel", the current penetration rate of compulsory education of disabled children has reached more than 90% over the past few years, every year in accordance with the "one person, one case" in promoting solved, but now the real name registration in accordance with the situation, there are about 240,000 children with disabilities does not completely solve the problem of compulsory education, while the vast majority of these children are severely disabled or distributed in poor rural areas。
For these children can receive compulsory education, multi-force needs, these children into the regular class ordinary school, help them to enter special education schools, especially also need to take special measures to send teach-site, distance education, and this the need for more people to participate in volunteer education of children with disabilities。   For most faculty development issue at stake is the quality of education, Chen Baosheng minister bluntly: "currently placed in the main task before us is to improve the status of teachers, pride, teachers become the envy of the profession。 "To this end, he proposed 'to mention, two to three of infertility, with four, Five, six', put forward by improving teachers' status and treatment, with the reform of teacher preparation system and teachers access and separation system, to achieve teacher the opportunity to their own values, protect the legal rights of teachers, called on the whole society to promote respect for teachers and other ways to effectively improve the status of teachers。
  Equitable and quality education, teachers need more education to respect the law, put enthusiasm and love。 "We give the children what kind of world to stay, depending on what kind of world we give this child left behind。
"Wang Huan Tan Road, at the primary stage, the child like a germinating seed, elementary school teacher must carefully nurtured the seed is good, as far as possible so that the seed of full, full of life, energy and sustainable development power。
Good teachers will focus on the health of students, happy growth, the child as a child to see。   Further education in the basic role of education is important not only because being to shut people's livelihood, related to social justice, but also because education is basic, guiding and global role, play talent to other industries and fields intelligence support role。
And how better to the development of education results into the development of power, during the two sessions, there are many wonderful voices。
  For poverty alleviation, the CPPCC National Committee, vice chairman of the Association Zhu Yongxin On the Road, the reality in terms of our education system needs to improve its own needs, or tackling poverty point of view, secondary vocational education in poor areas are unbalanced development, inadequate the major short board, should be required in accordance with the spirit of the party's nineteen, giving priority to the development。 There are many members suggested that the "vocational education poverty" as an important educational project out of poverty, to a degree by vocational schools, businesses to post financial guarantees comprehensive "three-pronged", the filing card established in poor families junior high school unable to continue their studies and academic labor employment potential of young adults but not completed, sent to vocational school。 At the same time the implementation of "focus on contiguous poverty-stricken areas in vocational education capacity building program"。
The incremental part of universal high school education in poor areas, focusing on secondary vocational education。
School unique, direct services to the development of local industry, employment and business prospects of better integration of vocational schools, the focus of support should be included in the object, increase investment, improve school conditions, improve educational capacity and to ensure the quality of teaching。   In addition, education on how to further play a role in human support rural revitalization strategy "along the way" building, as well as supply-side structural reforms, representatives and members also are given their own thinking。
  "The current education reform into the" deep water ', a lot of problems indeed affect the whole body。
At the same time, accelerate the modernization of education, education building power, good people satisfied with the education, and strive to make every child can enjoy fair and the quality of the task of education and etc. not to, not slow, which requires that every educator We need the whole community to work together to answer a new era of good education is facing the 'exam' with wisdom and action, to sell people a satisfactory answer。 "Many representatives and members said。