East 10-game winning streak to take the first strong reversal to send Knight to return to the eastern third

  Beijing on March 16, Raptors come from behind on the road to 106-99 victory over Pacers。
  The Raptors (51-17) made 10 consecutive victories, the first position to maintain the east。 DeMar – DeRozan 24 points 7 assists, Yunus – Varin Qiuna Si 16 points and 17 rebounds, Kyle – Lori 13 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists, Sergio – Iba card 13 points and 11 rebounds。   Pacers (40-29) three-game winning streak end。 Victor – Oladipo 18 points 5 rebounds, Thaddeus – Young 13 points, 6 rebounds and 4 steals。 Bench Darren – Collison had 22 points, veteran Al – Jefferson angry, scored 20 points and 12 rebounds。
  Ranked teams have to fight。 East of Toronto first position has been very stable, but not the effect。 After the Pacers climbed up the eastern third, but the advantage is weak, lose this, they put the eastern third place gave Knight。
  Pacers, the game is more important, plus they are playing at home, so the more desperate。   Raptors 11-4 start, Oladipo and Bogdanovich have also to third, the Pacers scored eight points quickly exceeded, out of the plight of poor start。 The two sides into battle, once the Raptors 25-18 lead, but this section last 2 minutes 49 seconds failed to score again, the Pacers scored 9 points, to 27-25 end of this section。 Di Fensen break dunks better Pacers bench, led by Stephenson in the second, to expand their advantage to 46-37。 The gap between the two sides once reached double digits, but the Raptors several times counterattack, not opened too many。 Collison hit a buzzer-beaters in this section, the Pacers 57-49 upper hand。
  After the third 3 minutes to play, the Pacers also lead to 62-52。
Ibaka played a strong hand basket, hit the third DeRozan, the Raptors began to fight back。
In this section there are 2 minutes 08 seconds, after Cam West break layup, the Raptors only 71-72 behind to。 Collison to a record one-third, the Pacers only stay ahead。 After three sessions, the Raptors will recover as the score 77-79。
  Toronto force in the last section, beyond the score quickly。
Pointer 3 minutes and 41 seconds, Oladipo layup, Walker chasing the score 92-96, DeRozan immediately succeeded sudden strong, and Wright hit a ball, Toronto score Pobai to 100 92 leading。   Pacers tenaciously to narrow the gap to 3 points。
In the game there are 25 seconds, Collison hit third, they only 99-102 behind。
DeRozan hit two free throws, then steals succeeded, ending with a dunk, the Raptors seal the victory。