Yoga can be practiced during several common issues women do yoga physiology

Some frequently asked questions, hot yoga a lot of women prefer to exercise, regular practice of yoga has many benefits for the body, then the common problems, what does yoga?Xiao Bian tell us something about yoga a few common questions of yoga a few common questions。
1, Why must be done before exercise calisthenics yoga is a gentle sport for almost every age group。
It is a systemic, balanced movement, unlike most sports only use unilateral force, long time down easily due to uncoordinated movements caused by deviation of the body。 It can make the body and mind balance, yoga is the best exercise。
Because the body through stretching, can strengthen joints, muscles flexibility and toughness, so will be able to prevent the occurrence of sports injuries。
2, people practicing yoga is not necessarily to be a vegetarian。
Of course, in order to purify the body, choose lighter vegetarian, has always been healthy way。
Long-term yoga per capita share the same opinion, for meat and greasy foods will naturally repel, it is due to a thorough yoga to stimulate the body's glands, endocrine normal diet also tend to be normal, not special preferences what kind of food, the human body is not good over-processed fatty foods naturally exclusion, bias light food。
Of course, if you have a special need to improve, in addition to the practice of yoga, change to eat light vegetarian organic food, the effect is certainly more significant。 3, before it had finished practicing yoga can eat immediately whether yoga can drink a few common questions Yoga like any sport should not be carried out immediately after a meal, on an empty stomach is the best yoga exercises, because yoga is systemic the extension, if the fed will be uncomfortable to do the movements, namely the effect will be greatly reduced, digestion is not good。 Yoga best every had finished after 10 minutes and then slowly drink water, but remember to drink warm water, not drink ice water。 4, yoga, breathing is always out of breath, can not master how to do breathing beginners will have this situation, due to the softness of the body is not enough, the operation also still unfamiliar, when practicing very nervous, body We can not relax, breathe easy nor smooth and always lead to panting。 To remind ourselves that deep breath and relax, after a sustained period of practice, usually improve。