Middle-aged men should pay attention to what diet?

Middle-aged man's career is concerned, can be said that the age of gold, which means success, wealth, mature。But this age is also a watershed in the body to downhill, many diseases will take the initiative to seek them out at this time。If a health concern from now probably is not too late, because only health is your greatest wealth in this life。Two bananas a few grains of peanuts nourishing your physical fitness in middle-aged men adhere to every day is going downhill, chronic fatigue syndrome are seriously troubled 40-year-old man, prevention and treatment of various chronic diseases should be a top priority at this stage nutritional supplements to nutritional supplements way to restore his health is essential。
Middle-aged people should be diversified diet, cereal-based, eat more vegetables, fruits and tubers, and to regularly eat beans and dairy products, but also to eat the right amount of fish, eggs and lean meat。
Middle-aged men timely adequate vitamin is necessary because vitamin B6 to enhance human immune system has a good effect, it can prevent skin cancer and bladder cancer。
Vitamin B6 can also protect the kidneys do not suffer from stone disease, and role in the treatment of insomnia。
Vitamin é also a powerful weapon to prevent disease and improve the immune system, which can help lower cholesterol, prevent platelet buildup in the artery to remove the body of impurities and prevent cataracts。
Intake of vitamin B6 is just 2 mg per day, a maximum of 50 mg daily, otherwise it will backfire, mostly in expensive long-term adherence。And that 2 mg can be obtained as long as eating two bananas。Foods rich in vitamin B6 in addition to bananas, as well as chicken, fish, liver, potatoes, pears and sunflower seeds, etc.。Vitamin?The daily intake of approximately 10 mg of need, no need to eat large amounts of these foods, just eat a lot of waste, only a few a day will solve the problem。é vitamin-rich foods are peanuts, almonds and pecans, etc.。