Chinese students in Australia were hit the panic spread fear to dare to go to school

Student was beaten bruised eyes。 Source: "Great Kan village" micro-channel public number November 1, according to China Press news report, two Chinese students were injured gang repeatedly harassed local Chinese students in the afternoon of October 27, leaving Australia a student Li Li (pseudonym ) introduced two injured Chinese students is his younger brother school, a high school sophomore in Canberra, seriously injured 17-year-old boy, injured 18-year-old minor boys。 October 23 evening around 19:40, two students after school in Canberra Woden bus stop waiting for the bus, there are four Canberra teen stepped forward to ask whether there is smoke。 After being refused, the four young people abuse them Canberra。 When they hear each other shouting "Go back to China", then later, a Chinese student in English answered with a "roll", followed by other hands, this student was punched down to the ground, eye injuries。 Another Chinese students see companions were playing, someone's young people toward the back of the head punch。 At this time, there are twenty people rushed down from the bus stop at the station, the two Chinese students on the ground hit。
One female Chinese student school passing an attempt to stop beating, and was choking and kicked group of teenagers。
At this time there are sightings of passers-alarm, someone's Canberra teenagers fled, after 10 minutes, the police arrived on the scene。 Beiqing Bao Li Li told reporters that the eye was beaten students were seriously injured, 7-pin right eye was sewn, brow bone fracture。 According to "Today Sydney" reported that there were passers-by saw the police called an ambulance。
At that time the incident, police station only 1 minute walking distance, but the police arrived on the scene minutes after 6,7, and so when the police arrived, a group of teenagers beating already gone。 Subsequently, an ambulance brought the injured to nearby hospitals。
However, things did not end。 That night, police took one of the injured students small armor and another friend went to the police station giving a statement。 They left the police station, at the station car, once again ran into that crowd, they quickly called for help。 According to insiders small è recalls that when he arrived on the scene, which group of people yelled ferocious, kept saying, "your friend's blood was still on my sleeve, have the ability to come!GoBacktoChina (back to China)!"Soon, the police came to inquire about the situation near the station。
Subsequently, a small delegation of 6 people è once again came to the police station giving a statement。 However, when they leave the end, that just caught a girl has been released police。 October 24, which is a small B to be played the next day, the same day more than 5 pm after school, there are students in the vicinity of the station met several members of the local gang。
Small è said: "Our school is near the station, the station is to change the ride to and from school must pass through。 "It is a small little ê friends?Recalls, when they line 6 from the gym, it was found that the gang suddenly increased to a dozen people, "to see us come out, they chase us run, while chasing side of the curse, we can not just hide in a Chinese restaurant。
"It is puzzling, students telephoned the police at the time of the restaurant, but waited nearly one hour, the police do not have to live。
Finally, is this restaurant's security came forward after the local partner group off students before safely out of danger。
October 25, small?The two friends were again found these gangs go to the library homework。
Gang members for their dogged, but fortunately two Chinese students have cars, they were able to escape in time。
Police arrested three people after Canberra police said the attack was not out of "siege" racially motivated incident occurred, Li Li and other students contacted the Chinese Embassy in Australia, they reflect the situation to Canberra teenagers hit the Chinese student events。
October 26, the Chinese Embassy in Australia issued a circular that attaches great importance to happen in Canberra Woden area of Chinese students besieged assault, it has been the first time to get in touch with the students concerned, and to provide consular assistance。
Injured students have been discharged after treatment。 Chinese Embassy in Australia while Canberra parties expressed concern to the government, and urged their timely investigation, fair treatment, to take all measures to protect the safety and legal rights of students in Macao and China。 The Australian side attaches great importance to this incident represents the police have to respond quickly to step up incident investigation, and to strengthen regional security-related alert, Canberra Department of Education is providing assistance to someone's student。 Canberra Territory Department of Education, head of Yvette Berry told the Australian media interview, said publicly, "She was very concerned about this 'hit' event, the EDB has been talking to all the students involved in the matter, and said that since incident took place in Canberra cases together。
"October 26, Canberra Territory police said in a notice published, minors have been arrested two suspects, and they'll be sent to the local juvenile court。 Beiqing Bao reporter from Canberra police learned that, as of the afternoon of October 27, local police have arrested three suspects on suspicion of underage gang fights Chinese students, but local law Privacy Policy, to disclose the specific circumstances。 A staff member of the Canberra police Beiqing Bao told reporters, after this incident, they have stepped up on public transport interchanges at the patrol, investigation of local teenagers attacked students in order to ensure the safety of international students。
At the same time, they have talked about personal safety issues in Australia and head of the Chinese community, Chinese students and their parents。
Australia news report, police said the attack was not racially motivated。
Student self-help groups deal with incidents of harassment "do not want violence with violence" after a "hit" after the incident, Li Li and other Chinese students and the establishment of a "mutual aid organization Canberra Chinese" Chinese micro-channel group in Australia, hoping to help danger students。
"Canberra traffic is not well developed, this is the only way our bus stop to and from school every day, no way detour。 "10 May 27 afternoon, Li Li attended a high school in Canberra, Canberra Territory Department of Education International Deputy Director Caroline Lofgren and Li Li and other Chinese students were exchanged, she is Chinese students studying in Canberra legal guardian。
Caroline Lofgren recommend Chinese students, "If we encounter a similar attack, scat, and call the police myself or phone, do not overreact, to avoid any implicated in the violence。
"Caroline Lofgren said," These local teenagers targets is random。
They may look dim targets wanted to come up against, not only for Chinese people。 And they were kids, there were likely to drink, do not know the seriousness of the situation and。
"For 'Some netizens said you weak, was beaten should fight back', Li Li, said that is not afraid to fight, we do not want, we do not want violence with violence。
First, if the initiative to fight back, bodily injury, and parents worry about our domestic security situation。 Second, take the initiative to beat Australia here are events likely would be classified as "school violence", would think that we actively participate in the fight, depending on the severity of the consequences, the worst result we could have been repatriated。
We now return home without any diploma, from high in the country since a re-reading。 Turning to the impact "hit" the biggest event of their own, Li Li said, "Now we see do not wear uniforms of local teenagers were afraid, I do not feel safe, great mental stress。
A man alone in a foreign school is difficult, foreign countries also have very friendly people, but there are not welcome foreigners, I now saw them coming will run away immediately。 "Panic spread students can not be afraid to go to school the new network reported after the above incident, many Chinese students have said that they have been afraid to dare to go to school。 More than Chinese students interviewed by the media, often because of their nationality readme threatened, especially in the Southern District of Canberra。 When, according to Australian news network reported, in an interview, he talked about the two Chinese students, had previously been the experience of a group of teenagers trailing in WestfieldWoden, obviously shivering。 One student said: "They come in with us, when we eat have been shouting。 Two students said that this group of people harassing them for some time, and they often have to "go back to China."。
"They ask us to two dollars, we usually give, but then becomes to 20, escalating, I do not know how to do it。
"Many students said they are also victims of sexual harassment bus transfer station。
Some people say: "They will continue to ask for your phone number, follow you after you get off。 They will say bad words。
"One student said," This morning, they followed me, and walked away from where I close, I immediately ran away。 "" It's horrible, I feel very uncomfortable here。
"The local Chinese community members Chen Dora (transliteration, DoraChen) said that the Chinese community is very worried about the children。
After the attacks Warden, volunteers began by district social media pages to help free ride to and from school for students。
"But this is only a short-term solution。
"Ms Chan said, they are afraid, they feel they have been eyeing。 Several good student at the Australian National University (ANU) and the University of Canberra Chinese students also said they were in the Australian Capital life, indeed harassed。
A girl said she had to report last year had attended high school in the past, they may have been attacked in the event of a bus bound for WestfieldBelconnen, but did not get any response。
Recently, Chinese and Sino Canberra warns: "Canberra is no longer a safe place for students."。
The association met with the police after the incident with the ACT Government, to discuss security issues students。 Last week, the Australian attack victims and their guardians to participate in a workshop, listening to ACT education authorities and police on how to protect their own security。 But many students said they did not feel safe。
Many students are confused, worried that if the violence was involved, even if they are just self-defense, would not know what impact their visa。 International education is Canberra's largest export, there are more than 19,000 foreign students in this life, many of them from China。 While most students said that at home, but some of Canberra's reputation as Australia's most secure, questioned。 ACT Mr Lee said she was shocked by the violence Worden, but Canberra is a value diversity and inclusive community。
She said: "From time to time I would hear reports of racially motivated assaults, thanks mostly verbal abuse, did not cause bodily harm。
Having said that, but any form of racism is unacceptable。 "Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。