Johannesburg, South Africa Parliament Chinatown Zoning Plan Case

  China Overseas Network March 22, according to the African micro-channel public number Times reported, local time on March 20, Johannesburg, South Africa Parliament trial on that date agenda bill and No. 8 by the town zoning plan Ciro case in Chinatown。   Currently, nearly one hundred located DerrickAvenue Chinatown's restaurants and shops, Chinese and local people to become a good place for shopping and dining。
Johannesburg is also a well-known landmark of the city, many new immigrants to South Africa as its first foothold。
  Johannesburg municipal zoning plan of the proposed development planning department, is a Roman Town Chinatown for the transformation plan is a detailed assessment of the case made of high-quality commercial living area more inclusive, analysis and development planning。
Johannesburg municipal government in accordance with the zoning plan adopted by the Parliament of the Western Roman town launched a series of development plans, including: business planning area; improve safety and accessibility of the public areas; strengthen and increase public transportation stations; enhance pedestrian and mobility vehicles; planning DerrickAvenue and ample parking near the street; in the streets near the business district promotion planning and development; promote high-density residential areas; provide urban design for private development; promote sustained dialogue with the government of the people。