Cervical erosion affect fertility it to do so successfully prepare pregnant

Cervical erosion affect fertility it is very common gynecological diseases, cervical erosion symptoms most women have friends of different shades。 Some people worry that cervical erosion affect fertility, so, in the end cervical erosion will not affect fertility it below on with small series together to look at it。
Cervical erosion affect the fertility of the disease do have an impact on fertility, but not absolute, because of varying degrees of erosion, the impact of the disease on female fertility is different。 1, mild: after checking normally prepared pregnant Generally, mild patient does not have to worry childbearing。
If the erosion area is small, it is relatively small discharge, abnormal vaginal discharge, no, no bleeding, abdominal bulge does not appear, as long as after the hospital for further examination, are normal, then it can actively prepare pregnant。 2, moderate and severe: the first treatment fallback if pregnant erosion area is large, i.e. patients with moderate and severe, treatment is required, it can be prepared pregnant。
Therefore, for patients with moderate and severe, only with a doctor first active treatment, and then prepared to conceive, in order to have a healthy baby。
Cervical erosion cervical erosion affect fertility do check method, gynecological examination is to check the female patients cervix size, texture, cervix, as well as whether the sexual contact bleeding。
In addition, you can also check the vagina, uterus and uterine tissue case。