Lactation how you can eat a vitamin a vitamin supplement

Lactation eat vitamin A vitamin supplement you how a breast-feeding is a special time, because lactating women to breast-feeding, milk nutrients directly affect the baby's nutrition。 So lactation vitamin A you eat Here we take a look at breast-feeding you eat a vitamin, and what the best way to breast-feeding is a vitamin supplement。
Lactation you can eat vitamin A breastfeeding can eat vitamin A, vitamin supplements can prevent breast-feeding dry eye, night blindness and so on, but breast-feeding mothers in vitamins A supplement of the best to eat natural vitamin A, containing foods are natural armor animal liver, fish, seafood, cream and eggs and other animal foods。 In addition salty fish, carp, silver carp, eel, squid, clams, cream, human milk, milk also contains 140?846 international units of vitamin A。
If the mother's food lactating needs is more difficult, you can add cod liver oil by the way, but note that the amount should not be too much to avoid excessive intake of vitamin a cause harm to the mother and baby milk。 Vitamin A on the milk of her mother's influence is not enough to absorb vitamin A, vitamin A reduces milk content, which will adversely affect the baby's growth and development。
If the mother vitamin A, vitamin milk can make a rapid increase in the concentration of。 Therefore, breast-feeding mothers must absorb enough of the vitamin to ensure that the content of vitamins in milk during lactation, growth and development of the baby is especially necessary for development of the brain and nervous system nutrients。
Breastfeeding mothers need every day about 3,000 international units of vitamin A, can be breast-fed babies get vitamin A directly from the milk, so as not to avoid the lack of vitamin A caused by dysplasia。
Lactation you eat vitamin A Vitamin A Vitamin A is what is known as retinol, by definition, they have a great relationship with the vision, dry eye, also known as anti-factor。 Vitamins are fat-soluble vitamins A, having an unsaturated alicyclic monohydric alcohols, substances having a biological activity of retinol, including animal food sources of vitamin A1, A2 two kinds of。 A1 multi-vitamin is stored in mammals and saltwater fish, liver, and vitamin A2 often stored in the liver of freshwater fish。 Since the activity of vitamin A2 is relatively low, it is commonly referred to as vitamin A refers to vitamin A1。