Figure 16 famous undercover to expose the CCP final outcome

    According to Xinhua reports, in April 1931, head of the Central Hedo Gu Shunzhang arrested mutiny, the KMT Wuhan main line of business and any adult Jun Gu Shunzhang renegade spy agencies issued consecutive telegram to Chiang Kai-shek, Xu Enceng, but were intercepted by Qian Zhuangfei。
Qian Zhuangfei immediately sent to the police rushed to the Shanghai CPC Central Committee。
Zhou Enlai, Chen Yun and other leaders to take urgent measures, which makes the CPC Central Committee leaders, the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee of the Communist International and all quickly transfer security agencies in Shanghai, the Party to avoid a large disaster, for the defense of the CPC Central Committee in Shanghai security agencies made a significant contribution。 In mid-1931, Qian Zhuangfei into the Central Soviet Area, he served as deputy director of the Central Revolutionary Military Commission of the General Staff of the second inning。 In mid-1935, when the Red Army crossed the Wujiang River, by enemy attacks sacrifice。
After the liberation, Zhou Enlai, has repeatedly talked about the great contribution and by LI Qian Zhuangfei, Hu reached the end of the Kuomintang party made up of secret service。 He said that, if there is no "Longtan three heroes", those of us who are long gone。