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How do steamed sea bass steamed sea bass is a very common dish, I believe many people like to eat, because it not only tastes delicious but also nutritious, so how do steamed sea bass with introduction and small series to see how to do it steamed sea bass!How do steamed sea bass steamed sea bass materials: a perch, green onions, ginger, cooking wine, soy sauce steamed fish, salt。
Practice: 1, when packed fish, the fish can be cut at the spine, to prevent deformation of the whole steamed fish after shrinkage because the fish fishbone。
2, the fish will help spread a little salt and cooking wine for a while, sprinkle ginger。 3, onion also spread evenly over fish (under maw and fish as well as fish head will be added)。
4, after the steamer open water, then the fish wok。 6-7 min was distilled off the heat recycling residual heat pot "virtual steam" 5-8 minutes immediately after the pan。 5, steamed fish soy sauce and boil the amount of water against the easy open。 6, the water drained plate, the hot sauce onto plate。
7 how to do steamed sea bass, sprinkle onion。
8, finally poured fish oil pan, spread to the decorative red Duojiao。 Tips: 1.Steamed fish soy sauce salt, so when salted sure to add less salt。
2.When steamed fish, onion or other available booster fish, such steaming can be more thorough in fish, steamed few minutes virtual fishy off the heat, must not be impatient Oh, the water must be poured steamed fish out, because it is very fishy。