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Boy or girl who will decide many mothers who will listen to remarks printing, the higher the probability of intercourse on the day of ovulation a boy; before ovulation one or two days intercourse, the high-born girls opportunities。 Provision for everyone in this rumor about your baby's sex is determined by sex chromosomes of germ cells, regardless of the mother's ovulation time。
In human cells, there are 23 pairs of chromosomes (human genetic material), of which only one pair of sex chromosomes, sex of the fetus will be determined by its。 These two sex chromosomes, one from the mother and one from the father。
If the two are the X-type, the future will be bred girl; if X-type, Y type have a, will be bred boy。
Every month there are more women with ovarian follicular growth and development, but usually only the discharge of a mature egg cell, they all contain only type of sex chromosome X, that is to say, not the sex of the fetus is determined by the mother's。
Male testes continue to produce sperm, the sperm can be of two types, one type containing X, containing?Type of sex chromosome, the number two sperm are equal。
Egg combined with different types of sperm, they decided the sex of the fetus。
But which type of sperm and egg can be completely random, it is not subject to the will of the people, and also organ function not linked。 Thus, boy or girl depends on what type of sperm and egg。 Alkaline body prone boys do sperm quality and male or a female "sex affect sperm quality of men" believe this argument, X y sperm and sperm have different characteristics, life forms are different。 ?Sperm life is short, fragile, weak ability to adapt to the environment。 If men often work overtime during pregnancy preparation, staying up late, smoking, drinking, too tired, can lead to?Sperm impairment, or lack of vitality, unable to pass through the cervical mucus to stick tune with egg met; whereas sperm with the X chromosome, its endurance is more durable, longer life, nature will "battle" in conjunction with egg prevailed。 Therefore, the man in the state of fatigue, prone girl; when physical fitness is good, it is more likely a boy。
In fact, this argument does not fly。
One study demonstrated X, Y sperm size, shape, and length of the tail and no difference feature。 The so-called shape, speed, survival rate, it should be substantially the same, there is no difference。
So whether a boy or a girl, require good physical fitness。
Moreover, modern society, men generally relatively large pressure, fatigue everywhere, and have not seen the girl's birth rate has obvious signs of the birth rate than boys。