Acacia croon in the wind!

You're not my life's passing, I do not post your life。——Inscription sunny today, a lot of good mood。Then soak a cup of tea, came to dare to touch healthy dish for several days, to touch the heart of the corner of Qingsi。Alone, it has become my habit, even if usually work no matter how busy, but also give yourself a monologue, to warm the heart of space to miss you read a passage of narration。Because I do not want to let too many mundane vision to spy on my mind, I do not want to burn our secular language of love, but want their so quietly miss you。    At this point the window, the wind croon。Honey, that's when I miss you aside, I wonder if you perceive that there is no?I believe that people will know and love telepathic。Now I'm thinking of you, maybe your eyes at this time will not help to beat a bit; or to stop working in a busy, looked up looked out a little, anyway, you will perceive me read you, miss you。    Perhaps you are the End of the World, I am a cape, doomed we can not spend Acacia。At this point, I looked at the front of the keyboard, each key code feeling is like missing a note, to write like you, read your music。The trekking key code like the black and white keys on a piano, touched Piansi rivers flow endless infatuation; this trekking key code like the strings on a lute, touched Piansi worried about large pearls falling into a jade plate; this key code like trekking handle chords on the erhu, touched Piansi Ruqirusu thoughts。People often say that people were missing and lonely。And I did not feel lonely at this time, because I am thinking of you and just be happy, and happy!    Alone according to the window, the wind and see the flowers, like you, read your mind along boundless。At this point overlooking the depths of the forest, you want to freeze weak figure; this time to watch the flowers, the transition is still not out of the sweet dream that flowers between; this time hovering at the window, and you get rid of a lingering hand when warm; this time on the keyboard, I do not know the thoughts of weight loss, missing or filled space。In any case, the fingertips of emotion, life craze, this time in the interpretation of a memorable years monologue, a thought you, read your nostalgia。Love to the depths, knew it, tears upon her cheeks, lonely conceal, sigh when the ear whisper like flowers vaguely looked around the silent spread, in time to miss the gray smudges。    Acacia into my door, I know Acacia bitter。My thoughts as a steady stream of mountain streams, exclusive happy quiet place, adhere to the dedication twists and turns。Perhaps you sometimes think that I do not like you, read you, faithless even worry about me, forget this love。Honey, I just want to say to you, I believe that love is not wrong。You just saw the mountain blocked the creek, the creek to see the cover of the woods, you just see the outward appearance of it, you know that flowing between the small mountain streams have never stopped, just as I miss like you, have never stopped。To be honest, sometimes I imagine the ocean, surging love, unrestrained, and true to the interpretation of a vigorous human love。However, I fear that a huge wave will drown you have a warm heart, it will not only destroy me, but also destroy you。You do not see the world the truth, even if the moths turning back, in the end, how much of Tears spilled, how much to drink liquor, sighed clear how many words, but also destroyed much love, wounding only hurt has ah!    Do not miss like the direction of the wind, blew away the memories of the years, how many vicissitudes state of mind, how many lonely blooming, messy dance number。Just my thoughts at this time, turned into a drop of Tears, accompanied by four seasons to find your shadow, if not closely dependent with you, but also fleeting Nirvana into poetry, to miss the emotional, tired of the cracks in the heart and the heart in burst, leaving watery years in between, sing a song of Yu Wen Wanru。