Six intercourse with recommended tips you LOL

Six sex tips to make you LOL, whether it is doing is tricky, is the same sex, then sex tips below how it went down About six sex tips for them to learn it for everyone。
?Point to stimulate the type we all know, G spot female sensitive point。
By?Stimulate points, can help women orgasm fast。 ?Pedicle, the same sensitive parts of women, many women are by?Pedicle stimulation, orgasm。 Therefore, the use of the female superior position, so that women can definitely pedicle or by y?Point stimulation to achieve orgasm。
If you want the former, women can lean forward, bending back, lower body close to the partner?Stems roots。 Try left lateral movement, friction?point。 And either stimulate, women are able to hold their own stimulus frequency and angle to control climax。 Continued tongue kiss-kiss, sex is an essential step, even the whole sexual process, we need to kiss。
And tongue kiss, was higher than the kiss, it makes sex more with a concentration。
And sustained tongue kiss, the tongue kiss is catalytic, let's love each other more intense。 This position allows the two sides continued to tongue kiss, stroke and watch each other, enrich each other's emotional exchange。 In order to change the posture of the traditional monotonic, men can change the angle of the thrusts, women wish to twist the hips。 Sexual positions seemingly simple, but it can make resonate with each other to achieve physical and mental。
Back into the style of this caressing sex tips, many men are like, that is, we often say that the backward type。
The greatest advantage of this posture is better able to stimulate the depths of the women。 In addition, together with the man can easily caress each other's body, you can make the pleasure is doubled。 However, when men pay attention to Choucha efforts to avoid injury to the female companion。
Furthermore, the need to attract attention that such a posture even though it can better stimulate the depths of the women, but such a posture similar to the posture of the animal mating, so many women do not like this posture。 To use this fellatio skills needed to obtain consent companion。 Extended climax type, impotence, for men, is like a snake beast in general, the living man strangled in the cradle of sex。 No matter how many would be to try, we are still unable to give her to meet。 And such a position, it allows you to give her more time to experience orgasm。 This position is suitable easily premature ejaculation impotence of men, whose actions modest, can extend the time of sexual climax。 This position is also beneficial to both husband and wife whispering in the ears, body and soul to enjoy the same。
Six intercourse skills generally recommend a quick fix type, in our concept, think sex should be prepared to go through a period of time, after the play before the climax, after the play, until the end of the process。
The fact is true。 However, there is a quick fix lingering。
And we are introducing a quick fix type, different from the previous sex slowly formula。 Such gestures, women can sit on the table, limbs swing, a man standing in front of it。
This position angles and thrusting efforts in the shortest time, so that the heat rising。
But the only drawback is that the man is too strong irritation, and difficult to control climax。 Sex-style climax climax, is in our common pursuit of sex。
And such sexual skills, make women feel a strong?Di climax。 It is somewhat similar to the missionary position, but need a man leaned forward, arms at the woman's shoulders as a support, the two bodies to be completely fit, and keep the spine straight。
Climax during sex, men can softly move up and down, back and forth rather than action。 In addition, we can also help LELO Ina's INA2 2, can stimulate the same time?Point and?Beattie, bring the most pleasant senses。