US immigration raid arrested 150 people early silent reminder mayor condemned

  The ICE accused Schaff, saying her behavior "reckless and irresponsible"。 Hohmann said in a statement, "the mayor of Auckland she decided to challenge the actions of ICE open, further increasing the risk of the work of police officers, and to remind foreign criminals。
Her reckless decision is clearly based on political considerations。
"Hohmann said, there are still 864 fugitive immigrants with criminal records, adding that" because the mayor irresponsible decision, I believe some of them are able to successfully confuse us。 "For ICE accusations, made a comeback Schaaf local time Tuesday (27th), saying" I do not regret sharing this information。 Auckland has a legitimate right to become a haven for the city, we did not break any law。
"Schaff said," I know that law-abiding citizens to live in fear every day for the arrest and repatriation。
I need long-term development of the first guarantee of Auckland, and I learned that raise community awareness by sharing information, will make our cities safer。
"It reported that, ICE also accused the San Francisco and Oakland and other 'sanctuary city', that some of the policies contained in the local jurisdiction, can not collaborate or cooperate with federal immigration agency。 Hohmann says, "like San Francisco and Oakland asylum jurisdiction, at the expense of public safety at the cost of providing shelter for some dangerous foreign criminals Federal Law Enforcement Agency。 As these local jurisdictions so that ICE can not arrest foreign criminals in a safe range, forcing police officers to perform more ICE arrest outside the community, thus creating more risk for law enforcement agencies and the public。 "According to reports, in order to further pressure on the city shelter, Trump Government is promoting the implementation of immigration laws in California。
Hohmann January this year had said it would deploy more agents and repatriation officials in California。
However, a law will go into effect this year in California to prohibit state and local law enforcement agencies to use one's own resources to help federal immigration agency, a move seen as a strong comeback on Homan's。   ICE area, said the recent arrest of 150 people in them, including a repatriation was four gang members, and there had been other sexual harassment, drunk driving or criminal behavior and other sexual relations with minors who。
However, according to "American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California," saying, ICE broke into homes in the enforcement process for families "intense intimidation", and the use of "racial profiling qualitative strategy" to arrest people in public spaces。