The most popular types of yoga give you sexy body

5, self mental relaxation – Maisuoermai Sol Yoga is a practice of self Asitanjia yoga, there is no teacher to specify style。
Students to practice according to their ability and degree, however, it is the collective practice of many students。
Teacher at the appropriate time will come to encourage you and give you help。 The name comes from Mysore in India's cities, life is a teacher and teach the local 阿斯坦珈阿。 6, dedicated to mothers – between pregnancy yoga pregnant, if you want to keep fit, do something for the baby to be born and beneficial activities, it is a very good pregnancy yoga a way that you can do both。 Whether you are new to yoga, or yoga practitioners have experienced during pregnancy can well enjoy yoga。 Yoga exercises can help you ready to face the delivery process, while mothers can find companions。
And in your pregnancy on the course at the same time, it has to find a good playmate for his little baby!Who should not practice yoga yoga originated in India, many local people from an early age began to practice, flexibility child's good, is not prone to injury。
And we are adults, most of the domestic "halfway decent" start practicing, ligaments, bones have a certain degree of aging, coupled with improper practice, injuries are unavoidable, doctors believe that the following four categories of people are not suitable for practicing yoga。 First: After entering middle age, ligaments, joint degeneration, muscle relatively stiff, for there is no strong protection and support muscle, forced to practice difficult yoga, which is already very fragile cervical spine is undoubtedly a great "challenge", can easily lead to muscle strain and vertebral dislocation。 Unless you grew up in yoga, good body flexibility。 The second most popular types of yoga: the patient has osteoporosis, particularly osteoporosis serious woman。 Due to decreased bone hardness, fragility, when practicing yoga, little attention is likely to cause compression fractures or vertebral fracture。
Third: cervical, lumbar patients。 If some movement exercises of yoga, such as a plow, etc., can easily lead to disc herniation or original condition is more serious。
Fourth: or obese patients。
If the action is intense, then do the handstand such action is likely to make heart burden, causing discomfort。
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