China's express delivery business volume for three consecutive years the world's first global contribution rate of 40%

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, October 9 (Reporter Zhao Wenjun) – October 9 is the 48th World Post Day。
State Post Bureau Ma Junsheng World Post Day speech, he said since the party's 18, China's total postal industry business, business revenue increased by times and times, express delivery business volume for three consecutive years ranked first in the world to global express industry contribution to the growth rate of 40%。
Ma Junsheng said good luck, in the pass other six companies listed on the successful restructuring, China Post Group Corporation business scale has entered the world top three postal created a miracle in China's service industry and the world's postal industry development for the global postal development has opened up a replicable "China model" to provide a replicable "China program"。 Ma Junsheng said that the postal service is an important national social utility, is a modern leading industry to promote the transformation of circulation, promote consumption upgrade。 To adhere to Pratt & Whitney for the people wholeheartedly, to promote the sharing of the development of green development。
For this reason, to build agricultural characteristics of vertical service channels and regional service networks, better play "industrial appliances, agricultural products into the city" two-way channel role。 To create a convenient and efficient end service network, improve network coverage in rural and western areas, promote urban and rural Pratt & Whitney and consumer fair, accurate help poor countries。 To grasp the quality of management, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, to build consumer confidence in the model demonstration。 To expand service areas, innovative service models and content, so that more related industries benefit from the development of postal services in the hundreds of millions of businesses and the general public to benefit from innovation in the postal industry。 Editor: Fei Fan。