New Zealand Chinese guy cinema is occupying a seat courtesy please leave Zaobao Da

Daniel bruised hand。 Source: January 8 Recently, New Zealand's Daniel Chinese guy in the cinema, because seat dispute suffered beatings, so far with limited mobility。 He said the matter is not broke the news in order to find the suspect hit, but the Chinese would like to remind my friends, at the time of access to public places must pay attention to protect themselves。
New Zealand day-dimensional network, according to reports, after the end of the film, people around to see this scene shocked, have asked why people should occupy the seat of hands。 Each other furiously, said: "This is racial discrimination。 "Then he left the scene sentence。
According to Daniel, he said after the event, to accompany him to witness went to the cinema manager who then alarm。
For this unexpected disaster, Daniel said it could not understand, he believes that he ask them to leave the seat, is not suspected of racial discrimination, it is normal behavior。 Overseas network to remind the Chinese people living in New Zealand, in addition to improving safety awareness when they go out, the more natural disasters in New Zealand, sometimes encounter cases of petty theft or traffic accidents, learn some safety tips or necessary。
In addition, many people are most worried about expensive medical expenses as well as due to unexpected illness or injury arising。
However, in New Zealand, ACC Accident Compensation Board will be held responsible, existing national accident compensation system will pay for medical expenses until recovery。 This article is copyright works without authorization is forbidden。
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Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。