A depreciation of 30 million yuan to Europe bargain-hunting Cinderella Castle bar

Tyrant who buy the dips time to the European real estate。Source: CFP imagine Cinderella castle you own England?Eager to have a medieval monastery in Tuscany it?To set right now is to buy the dips price of Chinese cabbage, the highest over the past year, a devaluation of the castle 30 million yuan。  With a stronger dollar, the euro, in the past year, high-end property prices across Europe relative to the US buyers fell 25-40% of。  Ireland, France, Spain and Italy are attracting a large wave of American investors。Knight Frank real estate partner Mark Harvey specialize in residential sales in France, he said that over the past year, Americans purchase of real estate consulting and the number has tripled in France, representing the French company Knight Frank, 10% of sales。  Huge "benefits now。"He said he prepared for American buyers schedule has lined up this summer。The winery is located in Carpentras, France。Source: Knight Frank Knight Frank to get a list of example in Provence, Provence is a favorite vacation spot for foreigners。One is located in Carpentras, 18th-century castle with modern facilities, with more than 1.60,000 square feet (about 1500 square meters) of living space, including seven bedrooms, a spacious entrance hall, guest room, dining room, kitchen, library and master bedroom with dressing room。It covers an area of over 86 acres (about 522 acres), there are two hunting exhibition halls, a hotel, an outbuilding, an orange grove, a swimming pool and a tennis court。  This building castles out of the price is 11 million euros (about 72 million yuan)。According to the exchange rate a year ago to count approximately $ 15 million (about 92 million yuan)。Today, the price is $ 11.7 million (about 72 million yuan)。It resulted in a more than $ 3 million (about 20 million yuan) in effective price difference。The winery is located in Carpentras, France。Source: Knight Frank Harvey, according to reports, the high-end real estate in Paris is now around $ 2000 (about 130,000 yuan per square meter) per square foot。By contrast, Jonathan Miller, Miller Samuel appraisal company from the introduction of high-end Manhattan real estate, property costs are subject to the light of $ 27 per square foot (about 180,000 yuan per square meter)。  "Take New York, Miami, San Francisco and Paris prices compared and found that this is a very good price。"Harvey said。  Sotheby's [microblogging] auction house in Paris there are a few specialized attract overseas to find a list of temporary accommodation, including 3 in the bedroom area of 17, with high ceilings and broad vision, for $ 1.7 million (about 10.5 million yuan)。  Decline in the exchange rate not only helped the purchase of residential US buyers。As more rich people from the weaker economies moved to low-tax countries, high-end real estate throughout the region has been rising, while stocks and prices have been falling。Castle County Cork in Ireland。Source: Knight Frank real estate after Lisselan Ireland, a County Cork listed in the sale of Knight Frank Castle, in June the market price of around nine million euros (about 60 million yuan)。Then in December the price fell to 6.95 million euros (about 45 million yuan)。Given the price and currency changes, effective price of $ 5 million (about 30 million yuan) around。  Harvey said, not just castles and residences, many foreigners come to Europe has been engaged in commercial real estate transactions and other investments, which are also very attractive。  "You see many of them who put money into stocks in the euro from the US stock market。"He said," When you consider the purchasing power of the dollar, and look forward to better economic cycle in Europe, real estate is a good choice。"