James scored 38 points and the Cavaliers King Mountain Rose blacksmith Bulls 2-3

  Ticker May 13, Cavaliers cross the border to repel the Bulls 106-101, so that the total score to 3-2 lead。
  LeBron – James 14 of 24 shots, scored 38 points, 12 rebounds and six assists, he also 3 blocked shots, steals three times, and the audience is not a mistake, performed flawlessly。 Carey – Owen played with the injury, had 25 points, Iman – Hong Porter 13 points and seven rebounds, special Stan – Thompson 12 points and 10 rebounds。
  Bulls fought back behind 17 points in the case of the last one, the last moment even have a chance to tie, but failed to seize the opportunity。 – Jimmy Butler scored 29 points and nine rebounds, Derek – Ross only 7 of 24 shots get 16 points, nine rebounds and seven assists, Mike Dunleavy Jr. – 19 points, Joe King – Noah and Taki – Gibson 10 points each。 Paul – Gasol missed, Nicola – Mirotic 10 points。
  After two wars, two former MVP became the focus of two buzzer lore, the two teams each win a。
A series appears twice buzzer lore, this is the first time in NBA history。   The two sides went to war with 2-2 fifth King Mountain。 The importance of the game, no doubt, who took over King Mountain, it is possible to qualify for the final。   After the opening, the Bulls continuous attack the basket, to a wave of 8-0 start。 First section there are 9 minutes 21 seconds, he was succeeded by James Knight, the first score。 After Ross continuous breakthrough, one shot 6-0, the Bulls re-opened the gap to 14-4。
James began to frequent storm, but also to find the feeling perimeter players, the Cavaliers gradually recover lost points。 The first section there one minute, the Bulls still lead to 24-19, Shumpert also to post a record one-third, the Cavaliers are still outside shots thereafter。
Shumpert again not in the third he grabbed the offensive rebound, the ball reached the left, Owen nor in thirds。
Thompson once again grabbed the offensive rebound, this time Owen hit the third shot, the first section but with the Cavaliers ahead 25-24。
  From the second quarter, has been leading the Cavaliers。
James continued to attack the basket, the second is not even an outside shot。
After the beginning of this section, and he continued to cast a breakthrough, a knight who arranged the pre-holiday 10 minutes。 In this section there are 8 minutes and 14 seconds, after his layup, leading the Cavaliers to 35-27。
Knight gradually expanded to double digits, this section have 1 minute 53 seconds, Shumpert hit in the cast, leading the Cavaliers to 52-40。
Knight has since been shot, but the Bulls also rely on free throws to score at halftime, the Bulls to 44-54 behind。   Bull scored eight points start III, stroke will lead into 52-54。 In this section there are 4 minutes 10 seconds, third hit Butler, the Bulls to 62-63 behind only。 Bulls have the opportunity to overtake, but not in the CIC Ross。 Critical moment, James consecutive assists, one Owen scored 5 points, the Cavaliers hold our ground。
This section there are 42 seconds, James even vote with a penalty scored three points, 德拉维多瓦 After the third hit, leading the Cavaliers to 80-68。
Bulls only two seconds, but they also completed the last attack, Mirotic not over the center line on the shot long shot, even hollow hit three points, the Bulls to 71-80 behind。   This is the Battle of King Mountain, fiery sides, and finally in the fourth quarter of conflict。 After this section, we played one minute, when the Bulls offensive, 德拉维多瓦 and both fell to the basket Gibson, Gibson got up, a foot 德拉维多瓦 feet tightly clamped, Gibson's anger next, even kick his foot。 Both players were gathered around, pushed a fiercely Brooks Smith, a field mess。   The referee pulled the crowd, Gibson ate two flagrant foul, was ejected directly, but nothing has 德拉维多瓦。
After he hit two free throws, Owen break layup, after which Smith thirds vote, the Cavaliers opened the gap to 90-73。   Bulls began a massive counterattack, Dunleavy and Kirk Hinrich have hit the third, the gap between the two sides was only 4 points。
Competition also 2 minutes 56 seconds, Butler hit third, they only 96-101 behind。 The two teams have shot one, when the game 1 minute 18 seconds, Butler hit third, the two sides only 2 points in the gap toss。   Bulls have a chance to tie, Ross initiated the break, but at the time of shooting, is to catch up with James, beat the ball out of bounds cover。
Bulls once again chose two-thirds vote, but failed to hit。 James also missed the vote, in the game there are 19 seconds, grabbed a key offensive rebounds Shumpert。   Bulls had to foul, Owen calmly hit two free throws, leading the Cavaliers 103-99。 After the Bulls turnovers, James made two free throws, the Knights lead five minutes。   Although Butler Since then hit two points, but it was too late, two in Owen made two free throws, the score locked Knight。