Begonia no incense

Why do Begonia no incense?    Pak India Zhen is a Korean boy, because students came to Beijing China。His father in Seoul has five large restaurant chains, Chen Pu India“If the school wants to learn to cook Chinese food, you can live year-round spring apartments, eating out research”。India happens Park Chen lived in a warren of alleys into the house where the high cost of land in Beijing, only 350 yuan per month rent, living conditions can be imagined。Pak India Chen himself explained:“The most authentic noodles are people at home do。”    In fact, Chen Pu is printed in the alley into a house, the first encounter her dream lover Ai apricot Buddha, see also fell in love with。    Ai Xing Chen Buddha really impressed Pak India is not entirely her petite appearance。    Ai Xing Buddha reason why quit her job to Beijing backs against the wall, in order to take the TOEFL test, because Ai apricot Buddha of happiness is not in China, but across the Atlantic in the United States of America。So, Ai Xing Buddha can“Lectures during the day and at night do question, often courtyard people were asleep, my lights on。9 square meters house, except me and English, is cold。”    “Your little thin, reading in a small house in winter so cold, how you can stick into the wee hours。”Park is printed Zhen Xing Ai dedication touched the Buddha of love, so, in the dead of night he would only cold and accompanied by English night, Ai Xing Buddha to send warm – a cup of hot milk:“Happiness, (Pak India Zhen Xing Ai adhere to so called Buddha because he felt happiness is a happy name), go to bed earlier。”Because Pak India Zhen think“Milk long intelligence”。    Pak India Zhen is a very introverted and very attentive boy in front of the TOEFL test, he is Ai Xing Buddha“Cut a good pencil, knife, pencil and eraser pencil into transparent。”And a friend explained:“Happy how I always wanted a sister, I did not expect a Chinese sister。”    Since it is a sister, brother to take care of my sister when is then a matter of course than this, so, Valentine's Day, forget the ocean's boyfriend phoned, Chen Pu India on behalf of the future brother bought roses, and timid to ask:“It did not affect you miss lover?”    Ai Xing Buddha carefully tends the pot Begonia flowers, bloom Mimizaza, but no fragrance。When Ai Xing Buddha by TOEFL, will be ready to go across the ocean lover, Chen Pu India proposed:“Well, you left, it left me Begonia flowers。”So, no incense to Buddha Xing Ai Begonia Park left a printed Zhen。    Four years later, in Chen Weiming Lake Park Indian encounter Ai Xing Buddha again。Met had to say something, especially India Zhen Park。But stiff Park India Chen did not say anything, they agreed only been to sea after the boat the next day, Chen Pu Indian commitments:“I'll pick you up tomorrow at noon。”Park the next day at noon and India Chen did not come, but sent word Trustee said:“Well, I decided not to go, I'm sorry。I thought I could, but I can not, I do not like to see you again。”    In this way, the two crush the story is over, but a year later, Park from South Korea to India Zhen Xing Ai Buddha sent a deep red begonia petals, apricot and Ai Buddha said:“You ask why Begonia no incense, I think, Begonia went to crush it out of their minds for fear of smell, so rounding incense。”    See "Begonia no incense," the article, Chen moved to Park India and Ai apricot Buddha sincere, in the early-year-old mid-2009's, when I set myself finishing work is nearing completion in preparation for the official publication。I suddenly felt I should put their own interpretation of this "Begonia no incense" is also in the works episode, where did it?“Collection of Sweet”Is a specialized collection of stories and I love emotion, love is so sweet, it seems to“Begonia no incense”Not appropriate to go into。Think about or put“Taste of happiness”, Because people can quietly or silently in love with love, but also a very happy feeling。