Butterfly Dream

He drove on winding mountain road, but my mind was like a knife in one thousand chop the。Eyes flow like melting ice as the face flowing, flowing one after another sad beyond words。    Not that good, just go back and do an unmarried prove it?How to go back a few days to become farewell?A good fiancee did not plague, how suddenly say there is no it is not?She goes there with the crystallization of their love ah?    He does not understand the field, he is a past life did sin, to his life to bear such pain?Way to follow his cousin looked heartbroken look, uneasily, said:“Brother, stop, I open!”He had a rude awakening, how dangerous driving like there, so a Jicha, the car finally stopped。Like his love, he stopped short, the road has left deep traces of a。    Day and night rush, and finally to his fiancee outside the small mountain village。This is really a backcountry ah。Surrounded by mountains, came from a mountain crossing。Car only stopped at a small station outside the mountain all the way。They foot deep shallow kick went into the village in the mountains, little lights towards the people that walked。    They were greeted by a burst of dogs barking, followed by the owner of the dog called sound:“Black, come back, do not cry guests!”    “You are painting it Xiuer boyfriend child?”Wearing a blue cloth gown of about fifty men, random strands of hair drooping in the forehead, bearded, his face haggard。Hand holding a flashlight shining child painting and his cousin。    “Yes, uncle!I received a telegram, I immediately rushed to the scene。How it is, you tell me?Xiuer where she is now?”Sprite is now working to restore to man the way he tried not to cry, but he knew in his love in the body, Xiuer lived in his soul, and his children in his mind, he does not believe the telegraph Content。But grief is a strong installed deceive others, but can not deceive his pain, his voice trembling with apparent。    “Show Son, your mother I'm sorry you ah。So how old I am confused ah?”Sprite old woman entered the room I heard a child crying in front is sad。There stood a coffin, the coffin lay his Xiuer children and the unborn Xiuer。    He finally missing as flood embankment as flutter in the coffin, along with pain in the hearts of his body trembling then transmitted to the coffin of Xiuer。But Xiuer can no longer open your eyes。Child painting by the dim light of a kerosene lamp inside the house, he saw his Xiuer pale, he silently weeping, stroking Xiuer that beautiful face。Cousin could not bear to be turned backwards wiping away tears。    After crying, the air seemed to clear a bit in the chest。Xiuer your mother that she knelt in front of the sub-screen crying while talking ruefully This is a man-made disaster。The original Xiuer Mother saw her daughter back, straighten a belly, says a boy to marry into the city。Montagnards decades eyes you saw a heavily pregnant bride married ah, she scolded Xiuer back, and then listen to Xiuer said she really loves the boy, the boy also really love her。That is, they are now ready to get married, this is no shame。Now working out of people, a lot of the Parental Guidance。But mother is mother, her mind was thousands of years of feudal thinking, her mind was on the yoke, she had the habit of wearing the shackles so that a few decades, no matter how daughter said her heart just can not accept such a life rice cooked mature rice facts。Her sad, she cries, she hates her too indisputable face。But she can not help it?She thought this thing a person sad。She later discovered that her daughter has a little bit cold, so my mind like smoke, like taking out an idea: Yes, to my daughter to cook a bowl of herbal abortion, saying that cold medicine, the daughter of his own kid's cold in the mountains picking herbs good drink, so her daughter would not drink it suspected child out, and her daughter's wedding banquet will be openly invite folks to congratulate the Chijiu。She grew more and more feasible。So I really went herbs Aohao, daughter drink to end。Xiuer hesitated and said:“Mom, this drink it?I have children。”“Herbal okay, you're not cold yet?With Mom before you have a cold drink this, soon enough, no matter ah。”Xiuer believe a lifetime of my mother, how she can not imagine how terrible the absence of cultural mother, she really does not know can not drink, but she chose to believe her mother。One drank it。    Who knows Before long, the rest of the night, she felt great pain stomach。Her pain was rolling on the bed。Xiuer thought it was your mother gave birth to her daughter, children for each woman is to be pain, pain after nothing happened。But she had no idea how her daughter in pain with pain, bled, flowing flowing fainted。She did not know after a four-month fetus abortion is very dangerous。Her ignorance will kill her daughter alive, and killed there along with her pro-grandson。Finally Xiuer not understand why her mother to give her to drink the bowl of herbs。    Xiuer died, said she was outside was anxious died of。Xiuer Mother villagers did not dare to tell the truth, but she can not help but to be honest sprite。Because at this time she also can not wait to die together with her daughter。    Sprite really helpless despair, she and the children really like this Xiuer no?Who would not believe this is a fact?In respect of his happened to。Why I can not love in order to advance on the train?Why not get on the train and then excess?A chastity before marriage certificate really so important to you?Human dignity sometimes seem ridiculous how ah。How he can do it?He is not her husband, but he would have her as a wife。Before he can only force a strong man, was in tears the whole night until dawn。    He and his family Xiuer the Xiuer sent a hillside, there has large tracts of camellias。After camellia spent out of the sun, there are all sorts of butterflies flying。Sprite quietly against Xinfen Xiuer saying:“The original of this life we meet met each other, the original is a dream butterfly。Your mother is thought that horrible caterpillars, only you can make that dead caterpillar becomes a butterfly flying in the depths of her soul。Forgive her now。Although this is a faded butterfly dream becomes how painful。”    Later, the sprite back, Xiuer your mother all day looking at the patch of camellias, sometimes talking to himself, when the cry, sometimes laugh, people said she was crazy, but she is doing a will never wake up butterfly dream。