French consular staff were arrested on suspicion of arms trafficking from Gaza at Israel

  [World Wide Web reports reporter Zhao Yi Zhen] According to the French "Le Nouvel Observateur" magazine March 18 reported that the French Consulate in Israel, a driver and a guard, suspected of using diplomatic vehicles carrying weapons from Hamas-controlled area of the West Bank , Israel arrested local time on February 19, and will stand trial March 19。   It reported that the February 19, at least two French consulate staff in Israel, because the use of diplomatic vehicles carrying weapons from Gaza to the West Bank, Israeli authorities arrested。
One is a French national consulate driver。 He used his tenure at the agency's passport, when that is the gateway to Israel to leave Gaza through Erez crossing, to avoid detection。
Another Palestinian man suspected of membership guard, because together to participate in the transport of weapons, was arrested on the same day。
  March 18, the French Embassy in Israel to a responsible person, "Le Nouvel Observateur" explained that they attached great importance to the matter, the relevant departments will work closely with the Israeli development events of interest。
But the official refused to disclose the nature of the case of two suspects。
Since the control of the Gaza Strip, Hamas is considered a terrorist organization in France, the matter is particularly sensitive。   It reported that, in 2013, in charge of a garage with a consulate had been arrested in Israel and Jordan border。 At that time, the director of high-risk diplomatic plates hanging trunk of a car equipped with 152 kilograms of gold, worth about $ 2 million (about RMB million) check, thousands of mobile phones and 500 kilograms of tobacco。 He is also able to use their passports to avoid detection。