Cook green bean soup, these taboos to remember the simplicity, not to cook or destroyed the whole (1)

  Bean soup cool and hot weather, the dog days of summer to a bowl, and instantly become cool, not to drink it all away!Also difficult refreshing beverages, be sure to remember the simplicity of these taboos!  Wok cooking mung bean soup without the active ingredient in most of the epidermis, when cooked with a wok, wherein the effect of the flavonoid and the metal ions, the formation of darker composite cook the black bean soup after eating can also cause stomach upset, if there is a casserole at home, take it to cook green bean soup, but the most appropriate!  Do not cook green bean soup green beans plus food base rich in vitamin B properties is an important part of the hot weather, can effectively make up for the loss of nutrients when sweating。
While addition of base can be quickly cooked soup thick, but will destroy the vitamin B flavonoids and antioxidants, so do not add alkali boiled bean soup, bean soup if you want to add some thick oatmeal or rice cooking。  Bean soup every day can not Helvdoutang not drink every day, adults drink 2-3 times a week, each time the best bowl。Green beans in large proteins are more poor digestive function friend is hard to digest in a short time the mung bean protein, excessive use of easy to indigestion or diarrhea。In addition children gastrointestinal function is weak, it should be appropriate to reduce food intake。  Fasting can not Helvdoutang green beans cold, empty stomach will hurt the stomach。In particular, cold extremities, cold sore waist and legs of the cold body of a friend, if fasting references will aggravate the symptoms, diarrhea and even lead to chronic gastritis and other digestive diseases。
  Not excessive Helvdoutang green beans contain oligosaccharides, excessive drinking can cause flatulence, stomach injury。
Especially female friends, excessive drinking can also cause bloating, dysmenorrhea and other illnesses。  Prudent and Chinese food with green beans itself is blind Chinese medicine, if the person suffering exogenous wind-heat, heat in the summer heat intrusion and other diseases, taking medicine when appropriate drinking water can accelerate green beans condition improved。  If the stomach is weak, limb weakness, chills, diarrhea friends should be fasting green beans, otherwise it will not only reduce the efficacy but also worse, so if you can drink water when taking Chinese medicines green beans should be decided according to the disease。  In addition, these people, drinking water must be careful green beans。  Female menstrual period women not to drink mung bean water, when the female menstrual physical side of the cold, green beans if drinking water can lead to blood stasis, causing abdominal pain and even aggravate dysmenorrhea。
  Physical cold green beans cold, physical cold green beans friends drinking too much water can cause diarrhea, digestive system and even reduce the immune system, so the cold body of a friend best not to drink mung bean water。
  Physical weakness general physical weakness friends gastrointestinal function is poor, mung bean protein absorption is difficult to decompose, easy to indigestion or diarrhea。
  Pregnant women, careful lysine drink mung bean, protein, vitamins, calcium, zinc and other components contained can effectively prevent edema of pregnancy, a therapeutic to share, but not drink pregnant women。
  Green beans as negative, weak spleen of cold drink can not be friends, and pregnant women should not put too much sugar, especially not iced green bean soup。
When cooked green beans if add some red beans, jujube cook, but also to help pregnant women Qi and blood。