James 35 points and the Cavaliers are very tenacious reversal 3 + 1 cut of 72 points can not put out the Green Army

  Ticker May 2, open the Eastern Conference semifinals to play, the Cavaliers 101-93 at home to complete reversal to beat the Celtics, 1-0。   LeBron – James scored 35 points, seven assists and seven rebounds, Mo – Williams 20 points and six assists, and Shaquille O'Neal – caught in foul, played less than 20 minutes, had 11 points 4 rebounds。
  Celtics "Big Three" Gallas – Rondo become "very 3 + 1", the amazing power of the outbreak in the playoffs, won a total of 72 points。
Rajon – Rondo scored 27 points, 12 assists and six rebounds, Kevin – Kevin Garnett 18 points and 10 rebounds, Ray – Ray Allen 14 points, Paul – Paul Pierce 13 points。 Kendrick – Perkins 9 points and 11 rebounds。
  The two teams have become the enemy, this is the second time in three years met in the Eastern Conference semifinals。 Celtics eliminated the Cavaliers in 2008, won the final, but this time the voice of Knight higher, they look forward to revenge。 "We do not like them, they do not like us," Cavaliers guard Williams said, "This is very evident。
"Do not want people to know that he has a right elbow injury, this also blame disclose information press officer。
James apparently influenced by an elbow injury, after the opening, he chose to continue to make breakthroughs, but there is no long-range shot, he sometimes deliberately shot with his left hand, but whether it is left or right hand, I feel not good, James first section only once hands dunk success, not in another three shots。   Alone generals out of shape, others are very tired。
When the first section there are 57 seconds, the Cavaliers to 15-23 behind。 Moon to a record one-third, James has since sank two free throws to narrow the gap, but Rondo hit a pointer by the Cavaliers, the Celtics first section to 26-20 lead。   Section played less than a minute, continuous eat O'Neal fouls, personal fouls up to 3 times, had to end rest。
Knight worse, more difficult to play in the field。
In this section there are 2 minutes 09 seconds, Garnett hit in the cast, the Celtics to 48-38 double-digit advantage。
James is still unable to succeed in the outside lane, this section only after two break layup。 At the end of the half, the Cavaliers to 43-54 behind。   Section III will be more than half – Ray Allen hit the third, the Celtics lead to 66-55。 James finally found the feeling, immediately fired back, away from the three-point line on the shot-thirds vote。 – Ray Allen again after also to third, Williams continuous succeeded, the Knights continued to fight back。
Celtic throw only one ball in the last 2 minutes of the third quarter, the Knights seized the opportunity to play a wave of 8-2, before the end of this section, James hit an incredible buzzer, after layup turned the air , the Cavaliers to 79-78 go-ahead。 This section James 3 whole cast, scored 9 points。   When more than half of the fourth quarter, James hit the third, leading the Cavaliers to 90-86。 Perkins after two consecutive layup, the two sides of a tie game。
O'Neal toting four fouls, but had a strong showing in this section, after which he succeeded in the basket after the turn, once again leading the Cavaliers。
  O'Neill's fifth foul after eating still remain in the field。 The game 1 minute 02 seconds, O'Neal grabbed offensive rebounds, tipped scoring, leading the Cavaliers to 98-93。
After the Celtics mistakes, James pointer with seconds long shot hit third, leading the Cavaliers to 101-93, to seal the victory。
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