Hong Kong media attention Cayman policy: good birds greener pastures, west Taiwan compatriots to look ahead

  Over the years Taiwan serious brain drain。
According to statistics, Taiwan's population relocation professionals accounted for up to 61%, the relocation of the severity of the talent in the world and the first。
There are reports of foreign investment expected in the next brain drain in Taiwan will reach 240 million, accounting for about 21% of the total number of the working population, but up to 10% of the overall population in Taiwan。
The island's survey also showed that nearly 80 percent of workers intending to travel outside the island development。 Go into the reason, still can not escape a "money"。
As the saying goes, "Going with the flow downwards," Taiwan's wages lower than neighboring economies, of course, unable to attract and retain talent。 Taiwan currently average monthly salary of about 49,989 yuan (NT, the same below), with the highest income tax rate is also higher than the neighboring regions of Taiwan, making after-tax income less。
  In recent years, the island's brain drain is a serious field of education。
The island's media cries of "Taiwan appears exodus professor, who will later teach students?"It is said, a university professor salary starting point for Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and other countries and regions, 200 million and Taiwan is only 1.5 million annual salary of professors。 Earlier designate president Kuan Chung-ming of Taiwan University has pointed out, National Taiwan University professor is 750 yuan per hour, part-time, 30 years had not even raised。
  Taiwan elite from home, in addition to "money", it is "looking forward"。
Over the years Taiwan's economic recovery is slow, blue-green battles never stopped, democracy imbalance, especially in the current ruling Democratic Progressive Party once again, undermine cross-strait relations, economic development do nothing, let the people of Taiwan do not see prospects for development。
The other hand, mainland business opportunities and vitality, in the "public entrepreneurship and innovation," the great trend, more and more from the medium and small enterprises, covering secondary and tertiary industries of the people to join them, continue to stimulate the vitality of the market potential and social creativity, and still immersed in the history of political struggle and hatred of Taiwanese society in stark contrast。 "Good birds greener pastures" to the mainland?Leaving Taiwan?This is obviously a simple multiple-choice questions。