Cherish now have

Total beauty around us, but we always feel the most beautiful in the behind, in fact, the beauty in front of us, because not satisfied with the status quo, so in the end we missed the beauty and。    Bread around a lot of friends, are not satisfied because now male (female) friends, and twelve more points and three break up, and finally ended up still single。The old saying: May also wanes, people have sorrow and joy。However, excessive forgotten the fundamental human, you can not search for a permanent love me forever。    Now I do not know much of love, but to know that people have a lot of love。We always confused‘like”with“Love”Between these two words, some people talked about first love to know what love is, some people talked about many times it is like。    Love and love, the word is about love, but the difference is great, some people are destined to you my life is passing, and some people but it is present in our hearts, we can not afford to erase forever。    Passing represents the love, we came to this world, you and others on the same starting line, no one who more than anyone else how much smarter, than whoever who do not know what love is, but why others can find true love it?Bread and so many people through chat, summed up in three words: do not value。    I wrote an article on the back, "love is not easy, not easy to meet, initially not forget," the article had been written, and people should learn to cherish the present have, do not wait until the lost to know and treasure, do not regret the world。    Heart scar represents love, not so much injury, how can the loss, life ah, there are always a few dream is to be broken, right!So love is growing, but it is like to forget, both big difference。    The world's most eternal happiness is extraordinary, has the longest life is to cherish。Have not necessarily representative of forever, and you may permanently lose appetite, love is so。    I am a bread, a sentiment psychology analyst, QQ: 1113290408