Man winter what to eat to eat these body Bang Bang

Man winter what to eat with the development of society, I believe more and more men friends have to pay attention to their own health, so diet is very important, what man winter night to eat together and network to see a man eat winter What's introduce it!Man winter what to eat healthy relationships with men happy family, so after entering the winter, the men pay attention to adjust their eating habits, so that it can prevent many complications!After entering the winter, the body needs to resist the cold outside, so the need to add a lot of energy, so the men in winter eat what health benefits it check it out!To eat cold spicy contains capsaicin, ginger contains aromatic volatile oil, pepper containing piperine。They all belong to the spicy food in winter, eat some, not only can increase appetite, but also promote blood circulation, improve the body's ability to keep out the cold。Animal liver, carrots, increase resistance to cold cold weather makes the body metabolic change significantly。
Increase intake of vitamin A and vitamin C, can enhance the tolerance to cold and cold adaptation of the force, and has a good vascular protective effect。
Vitamin A mainly from animal liver, carrots, dark green vegetables, vitamin?Mainly from fresh fruits and vegetables。Man winter what to eat, sunflower seeds provide essential element of the human cold cold weather makes the demand for body methionine increased。Methionine can metastasis, adapted to provide a series of cold methyl necessary。Thus, the winter should be more intake of more methionine-containing foods。Such as sesame, sunflower seeds, dairy products, yeast, leafy vegetables。
Eat staple food, eat properly, and quail。