315 CCTV radiation exposure in Japan hit a home and food to flow into Aeon supermarket Muji, etc.

September 2016, law enforcement officers and the Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Commission market quality inspection bureau found that are selling food from Japan on a number of cross-border electronic business platform, milk powder, cereals, rice, wine, etc.。Product Details description of the site, the origin of these foods is a column labeled only in Japan, but no more detailed address。  So in the end these foods are produced in Japan, where it?  Electronic business platform 1: This is not specific display produced in Japan where, only to see that there is produced in Japan, you say that the radiation zone may be what the news circulated on the Internet, this may not the same understanding of each customer this we have no way to detect a radiation Shanghai over there on his side, which can only see their consideration。  Electronic business platform 2: If we have this problem on the shelves certainly, will not still selling above, so that your peace of mind。  They really like to say that right?These foods in the end what it produced in Japan?  Reporters on these electronic business platform buy several best-selling Japanese food, and found that this wakodo Sec infant milk powder packaging indicate the origin of Japan's Tochigi!  This marked Niigata rice directly from Uonuma Niigata Prefecture of Japan!  This Calbee fruit cereal only marked the company's registered address, under the shelf life marked factory code, reporter after inquiries found that the production facility in Tochigi, Japan factory Qingyuan!  The Japanese afloat on the origin of wine packaging in Tokyo!  Now we are marked with detailed origin on the packaging of these products and why sales of these products businesses did not indicate what?  2011 State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine issued a "further strengthen the inspection and quarantine of food imported from Japan regulatory notice," the original purchase these through the network platform to Japanese food are listed in the list of prohibited imports。  Not only is online, the store experience in some line of cross-border electricity supplier, reporters also found that the same food from Japan's nuclear contaminated areas。  Imported food supermarket business: with the people here find many。  Reporter: Japan's right?  Business Reporter: ah。  Experience under the cross-border electricity supplier business line store: News is news, sell things to sell stuff。  So these countries banned imports of food from Japan's nuclear contaminated areas, into the country and how it?  Jen Trading Co., Ltd. Shenzhen classic main business is wholesale Japanese food。Reporters found that the address provided on the website, turned out to be a specialty dry goods stalls Feng Lake town, where reporters saw a person in charge of the company's Forest Management。  Forest Management admitted that their company's sales this hot cereal Calbee, indeed nuclear contaminated areas from Japan。  Classic Jen Trading Co., Ltd Forest Management: very sensitive to this kind of thing, you know there are some things in Japan, the Customs said there nuclear radiation, not to import food。  Although the state banned the import, but they still have a way to escape regulation Company。  Classic Jen Trading Co., Ltd Forest Management: There are some no way, not through customs, only to Hong Kong and then to the amount of Shenzhen, Hong Kong is still quite large。  Shenzhen's Shenzhen cross-border Dolphin Technology Co., Ltd., known as China's largest baby products imported supply chain platform, provide sources for many domestic electricity supplier。In the company's online mall reporter also saw a ban on the sale of Calbee cereals。  Sales manager told reporters repeatedly stressed, this product is advanced through formal channels。  Dolphin Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen cross-border sales manager: All products are formal channels imported, said the country if there is a problem certainly will not let you import。  Well Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Dolphin cross-border and how it imported through formal channels?Manager Zhang, who is the first to enter the country free trade zone, and then by mail courier shipments to individual consumers。  Dolphin Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen cross-border sales manager: cross-border electricity supplier is to put large quantities of goods into the domestic free trade zone, is also no tax, and a single parcel out the time until the next customer, and then pay tax, we in Tianjin, Shenzhen Qianhai, are all bonded warehouse in Hangzhou。  This is a Dolphin sale of the company Calbee cereal, Tochigi Qingyuan nuclear facility, also from contaminated areas。Dolphin on the material provided by law enforcement officials revealed that the product is shipped direct from Osaka, Japan to the declarations did not reveal information about the origin of the contamination with nuclear。  Reporters learned in the investigation Dolphin company mainly focused on the wholesale level, company officials admitted that 99% of the products are sold wholesale to a number of other electronic business platform。  Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd. a tree: This Calbee, all on a single millions, he sign a contract with me, give me a transfer payment。  February 21, 2017, Shenzhen Market Audit Bureau of Shenzhen, a tree company inspection of law enforcement seized nearly 20,000 bags of cereal from Japan Calbee area of nuclear contamination in the company's warehouse in Tianjin Free Trade Zone!  Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd. a tree enforcement officers: the number of sales。  Staff: about 10 million。  Shenzhen Market Inspectorate also found in the inspection of law enforcement, some entities supermarket sales of Japanese food is also suspected of Japan's nuclear contaminated areas。Muji in supermarkets, on some Japanese food packaging have been labeled the Chinese label origin of Japan, but when opened a Chinese label to reveal the true origin of these products as Tokyo, ranked banned the import list!  Shenzhen Market Inspectorate staff: the Chinese label of origin is Japan, opened in Tokyo after seeing Toshima-ku, in a supermarket, law enforcement officers also found the same problem。The packaging material is marked Hokkaido rice, white rice, the label opened Chinese origin turned out to be true for the nuclear contamination Niigata Prefecture!  Shenzhen Market Inspectorate found that domestic sales of Japan's nuclear contamination of food suspected of online merchants to preliminary statistics has reached more than 13,000, they would ask for this to carry out comprehensive clean-up operations。