BAT will not intervene Unicom mix change: Tencent "temporarily responded" no comment Ali

As the central enterprise reform pilot mixing head shot, again yesterday revealed new progress。  April 5, China Unicom Group's A-share listed company China United Network Communications Corporation (China Unicom A-share companies, 600050) announced that notified the controlling shareholder China Unicom Group, said the Unicom Group is planning to carry out and promote mixed major issues related to the ownership reform, intends to present the matter as a platform company, equity issues may involve changes in the company。  The Company cautions that, in view of the matters related programs are being further argument, there are still significant uncertainties。The company will be based on the progress of the matter, in strict accordance with the Listing Rules and other relevant laws and regulations in a timely manner to fulfill disclosure obligations。April 6, Unicom?Share listed company China Unicom (Hong Kong) Limited (00762.HK) will resume trading, shares of a company and China Unicom will continue to be suspended。  The notice made clear two things: Unicom A-share companies Unicom Group will serve as the platform to change the mix, rather than the rumored before?Shares of the company; the second is likely to involve changes in ownership。  However, when most concern for the outside world, overwhelmed mix change, which investors will be introduced, in particular, whether the introduction of BAT (, Ali, Tencent) and other giants, announcement were not disclosed。  In this regard, Tencent surging give news of the caliber reply was "temporarily response," Ali replies to surging caliber is "no comment", while Baidu has given no reply as of this writing。  Late last year there was news sources said the surging Internet BAT Big Three will participate in China Unicom to change the mix, but each of the different shareholders。  However, this has not been officially confirmed。  Some analysts believe that the reason why China Unicom intends to introduce Internet companies to participate in mixed change。On the one hand these Internet giants have plenty of money, you can solve the problem of shortage of funds Unicom Group; on the other hand, these Internet companies can complement the Unicom Group in the business, help to improve the competitiveness of both sides。  Has just released the 2016 results, the company in 2016 operating income of 274.2 billion yuan, down 1%; net profit to drop 94.1%, the highest listed China Unicom, the lowest in 15 years。  Regardless of the final plan, China Unicom has long been working closely with the BAT。  November 3, 2016, in China Unicom Partner Conference, China Unicom Chairman Mr Wang appeared together with Baidu Chairman and CEO Robin Li, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Tencent Ma, and announced that China Unicom and Baidu, Tencent has officially entered into a strategic Cooperation。  A day earlier, China Unicom and Baidu in signing a strategic cooperation, involving networks, artificial intelligence, big data, communications and other basic services。Bilateral cooperation mainly in the mobile phone Baidu, Baidu glutinous rice, Baidu map, Peru and other business degree, and will also provide IDC, ICT, device customization, a full range of communication channels and other services and resources to support Baidu。  Tencent and China Unicom's hand is in March last year, the two sides signed a cooperation agreement: Tencent's WeChat cooperation with China Unicom expanded from a simple micro-channel Voca to anti telecommunications fraud, social marketing, and other aspects of cloud computing。  November 12, 2016, China Unicom and the Group signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement in Hangzhou。China Unicom said: The two sides response "Internet +" plan of action and big data development program countries for actively play their respective expertise, resources and ecological advantages in terms of the Internet industry, seize the opportunity in the new round of technological revolution, on the basis of communication services, network and Internet industries in areas such as in-depth cooperation, speed up the supply-side structural reforms for mobile Internet。  Some analysts have pointed out that BAT three advantages of the project point of view, Tencent highest degree of integration with existing business of China Unicom。Tencent micro letter has represented powerful social product, this is of great value to the core business led to the telecommunications industry, as well as micro-channel or a taxi, paid entrance, shopping and other mobile Internet behavior can be associated with China Unicom depth。  Gu Zhenhua Wanlian Securities chief investment adviser pointed out that the main advantage is that operators control large data traffic and user behavior, by mixing reform ownership by private forces to optimize management structure, improve operational efficiency, expand the mobile Internet business, the Internet business and mobile services were fully integrated, the large flow of data into and cash flow is the general direction of future business development。  In addition to BAT, the market rumors that China Unicom mix change also included the CITIC Group, China Radio and Television Network Co., Ltd (China Radio and Television)。CITIC Group and China Unicom is the broadcasting of information industry in strength, the main industry associated with high, strong complementarity of state-owned capital。  Surging news has not been linked to both companies for comment。