Commission resolution being established in Shanghai and Shenzhen trading trial tour promotion office regulatory efficiency

To better implement the spirit of Xi Jinping, general secretary of the important series on administrative law and capital market reform and development of speech, strengthen the market, "according to the law, comprehensive and strict" regulation and law enforcement principles, the Commission on the Reform of administrative law enforcement an important step , decided in Shanghai, Shenzhen Stock Exchange set up roving hearing office, presence of law enforcement personnel to carry out administrative punishment on the trial of two exchange-listed company related to violations of laws。  In recent years, the Commission Severe Punishment, strong medicine to the ailing, law enforcement has made remarkable achievements。By 2016, the number of administrative punishment decision, the amount of fines, the number of the SFC market exclusion are refreshed historical peak, the amount of administrative fines penalties every year in the first quarter of 2017 has exceeded the 2016 full year, effectively protects the medium and small investors the legitimate rights and interests, effectively preventing market risks, and effectively protect the capital market services effectively play the real economy and supply-side structural reforms function。These law enforcement to obtain results, thanks to the CPC Central Committee unswervingly push forward comprehensive party strictly, continue to increase anti-corruption efforts, provides a good political environment for the securities and futures law enforcement; thanks to the CPC Central Committee and the State Council under the correct leadership, the Commission to strengthen the sense of responsibility and mission to play, push forward patrol rectification, relaxation and endless correct "four winds" to provide a strong political and organizational guarantee for protection of the securities and futures law enforcement; lower due to supply-side structural reforms in the capital market was stable strategic layout improvement, specifications development, laying a stable market environment for the securities and futures law enforcement。  The Commission set up in Shanghai and Shenzhen tour trial office, is to adapt to the new changes in the capital markets, major initiatives to meet the regulatory requirements of the new law enforcement, will greatly promote the law enforcement forces close to the market and the regulatory line, realized centralized trading of futures and law enforcement organic convergence and effective integration of system-wide law enforcement capacity, front-line law enforcement resources exchange regulation, to further enhance the effectiveness of law enforcement securities and futures regulators, with outstanding achievements to greet the big victory party was held in the nineteenth。(Original title: Circuit to hear the Commission decided to establish an office in Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange to further enhance the effectiveness of law enforcement supervision) (Editor: DF142)