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  Bank reluctance to lend developers false start shipping [ "From the end of last year to now is to stabilize the financial, risk prevention-oriented finance is a very important aspect, each financial institution has its own selling point, guiding the national macro-control under the various financial institutions are also necessary to take some measures。 "] Luo Tao Recently, Hengda announced that its project would fold carried out a sale in order to get more sales。
  "Hengda almost run out of credit in the bank, some amount of trust has run out, the need to ensure rapid payment in cash flow。 "A banking source told reporters。
  All indications, the real estate financial markets remain severely。 Hengda spring selling discount is a signal that many real estate developers also have a certain price, slowly began to select the price change – they all feel the effects of tightening mortgage for the property market。
  "Bank mortgage loans faster and slower, our reimbursement rate is also slower and slower, I had a hard time feeling。 "One developer told reporters。   After the Spring Festival, banks around the country mortgage interest rates continue to increase, while the amount of the mortgage banks also began to get nervous, and further extend the loan period。
  Increase the purchase cost of almost all major cities of the banks have raised mortgage interest rates varying degrees, from reporters to understand the situation, the current mortgage interest rates at 10%?Around 20%。   Beijing is most banks have begun to implement the first suite of benchmark lending rates go up 5%?10%, in addition to some foreign firms and a few quality customers outside the Executive go up 5%, up 10% gradually become the mainstream level Beijing real estate mortgage rates。
  In Shanghai, the financial monitoring of 360 in Shanghai 30 banks, the first suite of mortgage interest rates a total of 13 banks perform the benchmark interest rate, the highest of a floating 20%。
  In Shenzhen, including Nanyang Bank ,, Japan Post Bank are suspended mortgage business。
  Jinan second-tier cities also experienced such a situation, banks have adjusted Festival Jinan discount mortgage rates, lowest first suite of four lines floating times, two suites go up at least twice。
Some small and medium banks interest rates go up the first suite times, times or more。
  Mortgage sustained "directed to raise interest rates," the actual cost of home loans growing。
Even so, the amount of the mortgage from the beginning of the year is tight, most banks lending once a month。   Chengdu slower lending rate。
"We are lending rate is usually 45 days, a lot of credit also grant does not come out, which also indirectly pushed up the cost of purchase。 "One client manager, told reporters in Chengdu。
Reporters learned that most banks Chengdu mortgage rates are up 10% in the benchmark interest rate basis?15%。   Wuxi a real estate source said, the first suite of mortgage Wuxi mainstream bank benchmark interest rates go up 15%, up there to go up 20%。
  Not difficult to find, the first suite of housing loan interest rates go up the national real estate market has become a common phenomenon。   100 million loan repayment 25 years, for example, if the benchmark interest rate required repayment 5307 yuan per month, if it is in accordance with generally go up 10 per cent at present require repayment 6075 yuan per month。
  In fact, the speed of issuing a direct impact on the mortgage payment will purchase the home buyers and developers, banks raised will allow the market to some extent, further cooling。   "I do plan showings recently discovered more and more difficult mortgage loans, mortgage interest rates are also very high, the feeling is not the best time to buy a house。 "One Chengdu buyers Yu Wenting told reporters。
  CPPCC member and chairman of the board room of the world Motianquan that from the end of last year to now is to stabilize the financial, risk prevention-oriented real estate development in the past few years particularly fast, especially in some big cities, housing prices rose much faster this fact is not normal, the process of regulation of prices under control, but there are some issues that need improvement。
Finance is a very important aspect, each financial institution has its own selling point, under the national macro-control-oriented, individual financial institutions is necessary to take some measures。
  The difficulty developers tighten mortgage payment increases, the impact of housing prices back section is also very obvious。   "Receivables more and more difficult, more and more strict in our assessment。
"The developers say。   E-House China president Dingzu Yu believes that housing prices this year should pay attention to cash flow, pay attention to the application of financial instruments to the corresponding period of change。   Insiders pointed out that the tightening of financial instruments, will affect sales rhythm developers。   "Mortgage is one of the important indicators of the impact of price movements, tightening mortgage superposition of real estate control policies, constraints on housing prices, inhibit the 'real estate' role becomes more apparent。 "Centaline Dawei, chief analyst pointed out。   Yi Ju Yan Yuejin, director of research think tank believes that the current market, the lending policy tightening is inevitable, regardless of size variation of loanable funds, or the bank itself to guard against financial risks and other point of view, will be closed in such loans tight。   "For the mortgage market, floating practice, how much is bearish impact on the real estate transactions of the。
But if strictly speaking, a similar impact is not the most important。
The current policy in the market, down payment policy is the most critical, while the increase in floating interest rates, relatively speaking, is not a major source of stress。
So instead of a stronger sense signal that monetary tightening impact on the real estate market is relatively large。
"Yan told reporters leap。
  360 financial analysis, banks began to pause once more room repay loans, liquidity in the market will suddenly tense, real estate investment enthusiasm will be a further blow to real estate speculators。   Dawei that the continuing rise in lending rates, the market, the annual line of credit to continue tight lending rates continue to rise, further affecting confidence in the market, trading volume will begin to shrink。
  Developers promotion or into a trend CBN reporter combing found that more than 50 companies made one hundred billion sales target。   Dingzu Yu believes that this year will enter the 100 billion TOP30。 This means that many companies will have more of the value of the launch, sales pressure will increase further。
  To the era of real estate, Yuexiu real estate, for example, are 50 billion target this year to succeed, but the two executives in the earnings call, said the red one hundred billion short-term plans, so sufficient volume this year is expected to the rate of decline, the market will be tight because of the financial side of house prices reached a plateau effect。   CEO Fu Sheng Fu Sheng Group Managing Director and Chief Real Estate Group Guo Guoqiang, said Fu Sheng Paul at the end 2020 target to achieve sales volume of 130 billion, ranking the industry before the 30 to。
  The next three years, Fu Sheng will do to build a solid product line and systems in 2018, 2019 to do a complete build deep roots in the region and share the city in 2020 and stronger industrial chain, realized by real estate, commercial, construction and financial wheel drive。   Competitive road of scale, each Min Department of Housing prices will continue to own overweight。 Taihe set (), chairman of Huangqi Sen had recently announced that the 2018 CAC planned sales of 200 billion, compared with 2017 growth of 100%。   However, the scale of competition makes each company choose higher leverage, increasing risk to start。 CEO Fu Sheng Wu Jihong Real Estate Group had thought that high debt problems are inevitable phased problem, the solution lies in the high turnover will try to make out the risk of high debt, "Also it depends on the quality of assets is not, if the assets are not assessed risk values deviate, the stage high debt companies can afford。 "Data from the Shanghai Zhongyuan show that in mid-2017 real estate debt financing 348.1 billion, the average cost of financing%。 The 2016 real estate debt financing 1.1283 trillion, the average cost of financing%。   Debt financing increasingly difficult, as the capital-intensive industry, housing prices can only hungry to find other ways to finance。 From the current understanding of the banking and trust people, housing prices this year is almost difficult to get credit in the bank, financing costs will increase。   "The current price is in fact very difficult to see a breakthrough, to ensure that the estimated future cash flows, we will consider the shipment in advance。
"One developer told reporters。