After the 22-game winning streak of the most fierce rocket!Revenge of the road after 10 years who blocked lives

  Beijing time on March 7, today 122-112 victory over the Houston Rockets on the road to Oklahoma City Thunder ho to take 16-game winning streak tied the league record this season, in the end who can stop the rocket?  Following the start of the season the Rockets 14-game winning streak to new heights, and is the recent "journey of revenge" against the background of。
From March 1 to start the Clippers, Rockets in five consecutive games, four games this season opponents have never beaten the。
  As of today, the Rockets have even grams Clippers, Celtics and Thunder, leaving the Raptors。 After that, the Rockets fans will watch the race on March 23 circled on the piston, and April 4 against the Wizards this 2 games。 If one go then won three games, the Rockets this season will be to achieve "grand slam", that the other 29 teams have won it。   10 years ago the same period, the Rockets soared out of a wave of 22-game winning streak, but after 10 years after the Rockets won 22 straight and the team single-season winning streak the longest, and who can stop it this time?However, considering the Rockets still shoulder the important task of competing for the first league, there is still great need to analyze the race difficulty。
  Tomorrow will be fighting off the rocket Bucks。 Since the 73-win season in the Warriors blocked the team's 24-game winning streak to start the season, the Bucks are fans dubbed the most adept at "Jianlou" team。 The same is the second back to back games, the Rockets will not repeat the mistakes of the Warriors?  Raptors may be one of the teams most likely the next rocket attack。
Regardless Rockets lost the first leg, the recent momentum is fierce Raptors backcourt Spear and "light bulb combination" called the first encounter clashes between the two sides had no precedent, worthy of attention。
  Since then, the Rockets will face the Lone Ranger。
Although the first season the Rockets are 3 wins battle, but the two games are all score 104-97, and the Lone Ranger sniper Nuggets just today, Rick – Rick Carlisle has always been strictly running the army。 Rocket To make full estimate of the Lone Ranger may create trouble, but the strength dictates, the Rockets in the game space is large adjustable。
  If these three are shut off, the Rockets winning streak reach 19 games, if you can re 22-game winning streak, it all depends on the next Spurs, the Clippers and whether the promised Pelican。 Among them, the pelican is a recently defeated the Rockets team, Anthony – Davis and Harden took away the best of the West End in February, and the hot pelican state, there must be a tough battle。 The gap in Game 2 of pelicans, but also against the recent rocket pioneer same hot。 When to stop, wait and see。