Baby bowel bleeding how to do how to ease the baby stool bleeding

How to do baby, baby baby hearts of parents, whenever there is a little discomfort is very worried that if the stool bleeding is very anxious, then the baby bowel bleeding how to do small series together and to see the baby's bowel bleeding how to do it introduced!Baby bowel bleeding how to do 1.Correct diet attention to your baby's diet, including food intake, amount of water and meat and vegetables and so on, and adjust nutrition menu, trying to get the baby to drink more water and eat more fruits and vegetables, these contain more fiber foods, such as , pears, cabbage, broccoli, etc.。
If your baby is allergic to a protein or stomach upset at present, it can be used partially hydrolyzed protein formula fed。
2.The law of life the baby every day after the morning cup of warm water to go defecate, can prevent dry stool, let defecation smoother。
Let your baby regular bowel movements。
Parents can tell a story or sing in the side, so that the baby relax。 To remind you, try to make the baby defecate in his spare time。
Baby bowel bleeding how to do 3.Stimulate the anus in the baby suffering from constipation, you can use some lubricating substances to stimulate the anus, it is intended to produce, so the smooth discharge of poo。 Last resort is not recommended enema or enema, etc., because long-term use will weaken the sense of dependence baby bowel function。