Dalian Machine Tool chairman was wanted by the Ministry of Public Grade!8 22.4 billion debt default in debt

Ministry of Public Security for Chen opened a paper warrant, shocked the financial community。Chen opened the sort of person?Dalian Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Dalian Machine") is also chairman of the board。  Brokerage Chinese reporters today from the relevant channels to verify confirmation, Dalian Machine Tool chairman Chen opened a case involving Piandai together, the recent arrest warrant was issued Class A Ministry of Public Security。  In recent years, Dalian Machine Tool due to more than a series of debt defaults have been known to the outside world。Mid-November 2017, the court ruled that the company was in bankruptcy and reorganization, and specify the relevant managers to co-ordinate the bankruptcy reorganization of Dalian Machine Tool。Dalian Machine Tool open market bonds as many as eight of default。As of the end of April this year, there are 114 creditors to file claims to the administrator, the aggregate file claims to reach 224.2.2 billion yuan。  Also, because the company's debt restructuring-related audits, reviews and assessments take longer, strategic investors and other reasons not yet determined, the reorganization plan program launch delays, has been postponed to 2018 before August 10 to submit a reorganization plan draft。  Class A warrant was issued, chairman reported that the Ministry of Public Security issued a Class A warrant in May 17, is wanted for the object is the legal representative of Dalian Machine Tool, chairman Chen opened, currently the arrest warrant has also been spread on the network。  Arrest warrant shows that Chen wanted to open the reason is that Jiangxi Province Public Security Department is investigation of cases with obtaining credit, and the suspect Chen opened negative case at large。  Meanwhile, the arrest warrant details the Chen household registration and identity information to open, and pointed out that this man was the legal representative of Dalian Machine Tool。  Ministry of Public Security of notification object to the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Public Security Bureau, Bureau of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps and the Public Security Bureau, the Ministry asked the public security organs across the country after receiving the warrant, immediate deployment Policing, found the suspect verdict, detention, and Ministry of Public Security report。  In addition, the Ministry of Public warrant, said the discovery of clues to the informer to help arrest active units and individuals will be given 50,000 yuan reward。  Piandai several hundred million dollars allegedly reported that the arrest warrant is currently in the public security system can query to the internal network。Who introduced the public security system, the system's arrest warrant, the arrest warrant will be some public on public networks, some will print out directly posted in cities around the streets, and some open only to internal public security system。  A source revealed that the opening of the arrest warrant involving Chen, Chen reason is to open suspected cases together one hundred million yuan level Piandai。This class is one of those wanted only to internal public security system of public disclosure without the public network。  Previously, the relevant agencies told reporters, because the Dalian Machine Tool suspicion of fictitious accounts receivable, contracts and forged seals, etc., to defraud a financial institution loans to 600 million yuan, the company reported after the discovery of clues to the Jiangxi Provincial Public Security Department, Jiangxi Provincial Public Security Department in mid-September 2017 on suspicion of fraud loans to Dalian machine tool investigation。  It is understood that the Ministry of Public Security Class A warrant issued, the Ministry of Public Security is generally considered to be the focus of fugitives wanted by the command and released, was released nationwide arrest warrant highest level, mainly for emergency situations, the case is significant or unexpected malignant case。  "Dalian Machine Tool administrator might notice out, there are problems, please contact the administrator to verify the interview。"For Chen, chairman wanted to open the issue, supervisors Dalian Machine Tool Chen told reporters that the Chinese brokerage will。  "Wanted is true, you have to ask the Ministry of Public Security, I did not go to work for a long time, Chen also not seen for a long time to open。"Dalian Machine Tool a publicity official says。  Reporters call the open market between banks Dalian Machine Tool manager contact telephone number, but the call failed repeatedly turned on。  August 2017, China's interbank market dealers association has published information on the disposal of Dalian Machine Tool, Dalian Machine Tool and corporate responsibility to give people Chen opened publicly condemned the sanctions and suspended Dalian Machine Tool debt financing related business。  History display, Chen opened, postgraduate and senior engineer。Former Dalian Machine Tool Plant Machinery Factory workshop director, assistant director, deputy director, director, the incumbent chairman of Dalian Machine Tool, Dalian High Technology Development Co., Ltd., Chairman, President。Has won the "2003 Top Ten Man of Finance Liaoning Province", "2005 National Machinery Industry outstanding entrepreneurs", "2005 Liaoning Province model worker", 2006 "Third China Industrial Economy Annual Top Ten" and other honorary title。  Dalian Machine Tool bear 22.4 billion yuan of debt because the debt hole and into the point of bankruptcy reorganization, Dalian Machine Tool in the end how much debt you owe?The answer is 22.4 billion yuan!  According to statistics brokerage Chinese reporters, Dalian Machine Tool has a total of eight open-market bond default。Are: Dalian Machine Tool 2016 financial year the first phase of ultrashort bond (the "16 largest machine tool SCP001", the scale of 500 million yuan, annual 7%), has not scheduled payment of interest on December 12, 2016; Dalian Machine Tool Year 2016 The first medium-term notes (the "16 large machine tools MTN001, the scale of 400 million yuan, annual 7%") on January 16, 2017 and January 15, 2018 fails to pay interest only; Dalian machine tool fiscal 2015 first issue medium-term notes (the "15 machine MTN001", the scale of 400 million yuan, annual interest rate of 7%), already fails to pay only interest on July 31, 2017 the bonds constituted a material breach。  The second super short – term financing bills Dalian Machine Tool Year 2016 (the "16 largest machine tool SCP002", the scale of 500 million yuan, annual interest rate of 6%); 2016 third year of ultra-short term financing bills (16 large machine tools SCP003, issue size of 500 million yuan, annual interest rate of 6%), respectively, Dalian machine tool Group, a subsidiary of Dalian machine tool marketing company owned by the pen 4 5.9.9 billion yuan of accounts receivable and pen 5 5.5.8 billion yuan of accounts receivable as collateral security assets。  Because Dalian Machine Tool debt default, 16 large machine tools SCP002 and 16 large machine tools SCP003 trigger cross-default (protection) mechanism, respectively in February 13, 2017 and February 7, 2017 constitute a material breach, underwriting more than five bonds business Industrial Bank。  In addition, Dalian Machine Tool 2015 fourth annual short-term financing bonds (referred to as "Machine 15" CP004, the amount of 500 million yuan, annual interest rate of 7%) at December 29, 2016 failed to schedule payment of principal and interest; Dalian Machine Tool fiscal 2015 first issue non-public directional debt financing tool (referred to as "15 machine PPN001", the scale of 500 million yuan, annual interest rate of 7.8%) on February 6, 2017 was failed to interest-only, February 5, 2018 was failed to pay interest only; Dalian Machine Tool 2014 The first phase of non-public directional debt financing tool (referred to as "14 machine PPN001" , the scale of 500 million yuan, annual interest rate of 8.6%), on May 22, 2017 failed to schedule payment of interest。  The above three debt constitutes a material breach, where 15 machines CP004 is the lead underwriter Shanghai Pudong Development Bank and China Development Bank, 15 and 14 PP001 machine tools PPN001 Shanghai Pudong Development Bank is the lead underwriter。  Because of Dalian Machine Tool unable to disclose the schedule 2017 annual audit report and 2018 first quarter earnings, it does not know its real assets and liabilities。  According to the Dalian Machine Tool in the interbank market announcement, as of April 28 this year, a total of 114 creditors to file claims to the administrator, to declare total debt reached 224.2.2 billion yuan。  Extension to submit the draft reorganization plan in the field of domestic machine tool, Dalian Machine Tool worked with Qinchuan Machine Tool, Shenyang Machine Tool, etc. among the first echelon industry, machine tool industry is the backbone of enterprises, overwhelmed by the fall cause for regret。  It is reported that the predecessor of Dalian Machine Tool for Dalian Machine Tool Factory was founded in mid-1948, and in 1977 with the merger of Dalian Machine Tool Plant。In 2004, the company changed by the state-owned multi-investment-based, state-owned shares, Dalian Machine Tool retain only 20% of state-owned shares, by the Dalian Municipal SASAC's Dalian City Industrial Assets Management Company (referred to as "Dalian Investment") holding the remaining 80% of the shares transferred to the social capital。  Currently, Dalian Machine Tool only three shareholders, namely Dalian High Technology Development Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Dalian high gold"), the investment in Dalian and Dalian Bo Yu Creation Technology Development Co., Ltd., the three stake were 65% , 20% and 15%。  Dalian Machine Tool legal representative and chairman Chen opened 51 high gold held by Dalian.75% of the shares, indirectly holds 33 Dalian Machine Tool.52% stake, is the actual controller of Dalian Machine Tool。  Can check the data show that as of the end of March 2016, Dalian Machine Tool employees a total of 7012 people, with total assets of 249.9.6 billion yuan and net assets of 52.6.3 billion yuan (including minority interests 31.7.4 billion yuan), asset-liability ratio 78.94%。2016 1?In March the company achieved operating income of 30.7.2 billion yuan, total profit of 1.0.1 billion yuan。  However, entering the second half of 2016, Dalian Machine Tool bonds have exposed more than just a material breach。  Prior to CRE securities Ji Linghao said the reason why the Dalian Machine Tool continuous burst of breach of contract, on the one hand and poor business intelligence, poor refinancing channels lead to lower profitability related; on the other hand, the cross default clause subsequent debt financing set short-term liquidity pressures exacerbated by the enterprise, thereby accelerating the release of short-term default risk。  Dalian Machine Tool's main business is the low-end machine tools, machine tool market due to the low-end technical barriers weak, so low barriers to entry, fierce competition in the industry, with the market demand gradually shifted high-end CNC machine tools, low-end machine tool market oversupply become increasingly prominent the overall industry profit margins continue to be compressed, reducing the profitability of the business year。  As the only multi-Dalian Machine Tool maturity debt can not be repaid, and the apparent lack of liquidity, November 10, 2017, the Dalian Intermediate People's Court ruled admissible Dalian Machine Tool, Dalian high gold and three other cases of restructuring the company。  Dalian Intermediate People's court appointed liquidation group as a number of Dalian Machine Tool company and three other managers, managers of members from Dalian City Association of Machinery Industry and Beijing Dacheng Law Firm officer。  May 10, Dalian Machine Tool announcement, the company's manager has Dalian Intermediate People's Court filing, the company said that due to the long time restructuring-related debt audit, review, assessment of needs, strategic investors and other reasons not yet determined , the request will submit the draft reorganization plan period from May 10 to extend the three months to submit the draft reorganization plan in 2018 before August 10。(Original title: Dalian Machine Tool chairman was wanted by the Ministry of Public Grade!8 22.4 billion debt default and liabilities, is also suspected of 600 million Piandai) (Editor: DF142)