How pickled lemon slices pickled lemon slice method

When it comes to how pickled lemon slice, surely everyone should have to eat too, but lemon marinated everyone you come across, but also need some way preserved, then how pickled lemon slices together and small series to see how pickled lemon slices introduce it!How pickled lemon with lemon marinated practice: a lemon with warm water will then remove the sprinkle some salt, hand rub the skin, clean and reuse of water, wipe off the water; and lemon cut in two 1 cm, the water pushed inside the prepared glass bottle; removing the two lemon cut into 2 mm thick sheet; lemon slice into two parts, first take part in the bottle inverted plated layer of honey, add 9 points over another portion of the slice of lemon, honey and then poured into the bottle; pour honey lemon slices will all be a float, this time to tighten the cap, the lid under an inverted red honey lemon 2 hours Zaifan being over。 White sugar marinated lemon slices practice: Lemon wash with warm water (mainly because of surface wax), then about half an hour water soak, cut sheet, a layer of sugar bottom, above a layer of lemon; then a layer of sugar, so that one layer of sugar interleaving lemon, lemon until Puwan; then finally on a surface of a layer of a thick white sugar, white sugar is fresh, put some so much; then the cap well, you can save cool place at room temperature, can be impatient, then a week later red water to drink, but, some better preserved for a long time。 How pickled lemon slices salted lemon practice: to sprinkle the jar bottom layer of salt and salt, do not have thick; lemon one by one into the bottle, the bottle filled with less than half, and then poured into a number of common salt to salt can cover a little lemon prevail; continue to invest in lemon, until a little over a bottleneck to the next point only; pour salt, salt can make up the top blanket lemon; covered with caps, seals do not have very strict degree。