The difference between natural and artificial musk musk price is much

Musk blind since ancient times more expensive medicine, artificial musk now also started up。
So the difference between natural musk and musk, what does the price of how much is it today let Xiaobian bring everyone to know about it。 Department of musk living in southwest China, the male musk deer in northwestern highlands and northern India, Nepal, Siberia cold climates gonad secretions。 Two year old male musk deer begin to secrete musk, about 10 years as the best secretory phase, each secrete musk deer 50 grams。 In addition, muskrats and other animals have had a similar fragrant musk secretions。 After drying granular or massive, with a special aroma, bitterness, flavor may be made, may be used as medicine。 Is a central nervous system stimulant, topical analgesic can, swelling, very precious。 The difference between natural and artificial musk musk What is the price of natural and artificial musk is generally not see the difference。 Basically the same。
Almost no effect。 1.Musk is a valuable, easy to adulteration, traditional Chinese medicine industry has experienced for its authenticity identification, select this number is described as follows: ⑴ manual test resilience: Although the whole musk condensation sturdy, but resilient, pinching Microsoft, let go still recover。 When the foreign matter and check the degree of drying: preferably little musk kernel, palm placed by means of friction, non-marking, branding group rubbing, kneading San i.e., tack, and issued strong aroma is preferred。 ⑵ Crow probe inserted: the soldering iron is inserted in a special capsule, conflict observe whether the foreign body, if the needle stopper, needle astringent, fuzzy sub eye, strong aroma, there is no case where the first light after concentration, was genuine。
Sampling and Testing ⑶ needle slot: to produce a trench with a nail, inserted by opening the sachet, stir four pumping grooves take observation, there are fine velvet white hair, powder clear sub-marks, no acute, Nature loose, stack-like form maggots true fragrance creator attached; irregular particles with an acute angle, lint-free, dry matte product by pseudo。
⑷ fire test: Take a little musk powder, metal containers placed on the heating over high heat, who really burst, strong aroma overflowing, the point-like bead oil combustion, ashes off-white。 If doping plant, i.e. combustion of the cigarette plus the fire without the aroma oil spots, dark brown ash; if no dopant mineral oil spots, red ocher was ashes; animal if dopant is added to the fire the clot from Youpao burst, no fragrance, odor while coke, black or gray purple。
⑸ water test: Take a little musk and put it into a bowl filled with boiling water, do not dissolve immediately, while the water is still yellow, to clarify, to go after those who do not smell the fragrance of the water is still true。 2.In the past have found the following materials incorporated musk: Cynomorium powder, liver powder, dried blood, feces, starch, catechu, the end of iron, sand, etc.。 The following methods can identify the subject: ⑴ take little powder was observed under a microscope, and other plant fibers can not significantly plant tissue; otherwise there cynomorium or other vegetable matter, or the like of the doping sheep disease。
The difference between natural and artificial musk musk price is much ⑵ take a moment powder add a little boiled, filtered, and the filtrate is divided into two parts, namely iodine solution and a 5% solution of ferric chloride, not blue, blue-green or blue-black otherwise there is evidence of doping starch, catechu, etc.。
⑶ take a little powder into the crucible and burned, the ash was genuine white; red color as compared to the doped powder was dried blood or liver disease。
⑷ method for measuring ash content of Pharmaceutical Press, genuine ash content not exceeding 8%, otherwise the end of the iron, sand and other inorganic doping of the card。
The estimated price of natural musk Musk difficult to buy natural, and there are also more expensive than gold, probably more than 600, some of which are mixed with some natural artificial。
Artificial musk wholesale price of approximately $ 5, there are three cells on unit 4 Taobao。