Quest internal organs patterns of life, do yourself healthy

  1 point at 9-11, detoxification, should be quiet or listen to music。
2, night 11 1:00 detoxification, detoxification gallbladder points early 1-3, are appropriate sleeping。
3 points early 3-5 detoxification, cough Jifu。 4, 5-7 points early colon detoxification, should defecation。
5, 7-9 points in the morning the small intestine absorbs nutrients, you should eat breakfast。
6, midnight to 4:00 is the spinal cord blood should be asleep。   Yi detoxification diet everyday food appropriate to eat some high protein foods such as fish, poultry, milk, eggs, legumes。
Eat more vegetables and fruits。
Less than 6,000 steps a day of physical activity。
  This food can be beneficial food supplement spleen, regulating blood running, disease prevention and health, and more for spring, with warm sweet foods, often cereals such as rice, black rice, sorghum, fish, meat, such as beef , perch, carp, do soup, porridge, tea and other specialties, either spleen Bugan, but also enjoy the delicious。   Spring diet with reinforcing the principle of focusing on raising Spleen。
This season, as in season germinal to the liver and spleen, liver and spleen physiological characteristics like the trees in spring, the main body a yang rising。
If the liver and spleen function is impaired resulting in whole body blood running disorder, other organs organ interference and disease。
Because of hepatic sour, as the flavor of the liver, liver and spleen if spring has been the excitement of the excessive intake of sour again, the cause excessive liver, spleen and liver g cutting is bound to hurt the spleen。
  Yi food fungus natured, sweet and light, with a run, Yin, Yang Wei, Qi role, regardless of the lung or lung Qi Yin deficiency ages, in fact, share lungs。
Such as "Materia Medica and then new" have "Yin and lungs and white fungus," the record。
"Pieces of the new parameter" Yiyun: "Yin lungs clear jelly, mayonnaise fluid, cough government workers。
"" Updating of counterfeit drugs identified "also said:" jelly Hyperactivity Dryness, dry cough Tansou, epistaxis, hemoptysis, bloody sputum。
"So, lung deficiency is more appropriate。   Lily has lungs fill function。 "Introduction to Medicine" said it "rule Fei Wei lung abscess"。
Doctors Qing Wu Yi Luo pointed out: "Jiusou person, lung must be true, false convergence is desirable, lily of Gan convergence, even in acid flavors of income also。 "Especially lung deficiency dry cough cough, bloody sputum, or person, taking the most appropriate。   Peanut natured, sweet, good qi, but also lungs, lung deficiency chronic cough appropriate human consumption。 "Southern Yunnan, said the draft" that: "peanut Bu Zhong Yi Qi, Nourishing cooking salt。 "" Herbal preparation to "it" Spleen and lungs'。 "Medicinal test," he said: "Seiken with lower sputum, dry cough are advised meal, dry Zi Jiang Huo。 "So, where lung deficiency of the people, regardless of pulmonary or lung qi deficiency, are suitable for taking peanut boiled, not fried after eating。   Yam, sweet, both tonic, but also spleen and kidney, lung deficiency of the people, all seasons eat yam。
"Drugs of justice" pointed out: "Chinese yam, without sudden warming, slightly fragrant but not dry, it has been argued to follow through lung power, governance lung deficiency Jiusou, How safe。 "Sea Pines sub commonly known as pine nuts。 Warm, sweet, lungs Run is an ideal food, ancient physicians and more like their work。
Such as "Compendium of Materia Medica" "lungs, cure dry cough knot"。
"Tong Xuan Materia Medica" also believes pine nuts can "Yifei Cough, qi and blood."。 "Biography Xuangan side dead" in a "chicken soup pulp", used in the treatment of cough Dryness, is to use 50 g pine nuts, walnuts 100g RESEARCH paste, 10 grams per serving meal。
Where lung deficiency dry cough less sputum or no sputum, eat the most appropriate。
  Pig nature, sweet。
"The sketches by" it "up"。
Ming Li said: "The lung treatment of lung deficiency cough, cough blood。
"Therefore, people should eat Feixu。 According to the theory "to make dirty dirty" TCM, lung Also suitable are often eat bovine lung, sheep lung。   1 beneficial intestinal food.Cabbage Cabbage contains more crude fiber, also contains vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin?Etc., cabbage cellulose can promote intestinal peristalsis, help digestion and prevent dry stool。 Cabbage can be eaten raw cabbage without destroying the nutritional, very effective laxative。
  2.Spinach spinach can clean up toxic heat in the human stomach, can prevent constipation, make radiant, known as toxic hot stomach "clean-up work."。 Spinach leaves contain a class of insulin-like substance, can make blood sugar remains stable; spinach is rich in vitamins, can prevention and treatment of angular cheilitis, night blindness; spinach also contains large amounts of antioxidants, anti-aging, and promote the role of cell proliferation, both activation brain function, but also enhance the vigor, and prevent brain aging。 Eat a lot of spinach, spring and summer season Wash the spinach, blanch in boiling water, drain water, accompanied by a sauce made mostly salad, and spinach mixed with dried tofu therapeutic effect is a plus。   A food, black sesame seeds have a simple secret, black and red food more than some effect。 Black food into the kidney, kidney essence of qi can help。 Kidney essence, essence marrow, cord blood technology, therefore, that the blood kidney is also fundamental。
As for red blood food, it is derived from the theory of the "form fill-shaped, complementary color to color."。
  Sesame seeds into the kidney ,, spleen, eyesight, raw milk proficient, the benefits of raising the effectiveness of hair。
Eat sesame seeds, can promote kidney and blood, liver blood and spleen function of blood。
  Second, jujube stomach and spleen, soothe the nerves; but also nourishing the heart, to reconcile business health, growth-promoting body fluid, clearance resuscitation, helpful twelve meridians。
For anemia, white surface, to restore good blood effect errors。
  Third, the human disease or swine suffering from deficiency of iron deficiency anemia can usually pigs eat fried spinach。