Chinese drink eat meat do not eat what medicine to drink

Lamb has been a lot of people love to eat, but the food is contraindicated lamb, then when you drink medicine can eat lamb when it can not eat lamb facet go see it。
Chinese drink you can eat lamb and mutton, is one of our people mainly eat meat, but also winter tonic to share。 Lamb meat is tender and delicious, rich in nutrients。
Lamb can be made into a wide variety of unique flavor, mellow incomparable cuisine。 Lamb, grilled, fried lamb skewers, Scallions lamb, both young and old is eating delicious food。 Lamb hot, sweet, and is suitable for winter tonic yang to share。 Chinese medicine believes that it can help yuan yang, supplement essence and blood, treatment of lung deficiency, the benefits of strain, is a tonic medicine。
"New Materia Medica" said it tonic labor, Qi Li, yang Road, appetizers Jian Li。
Jin Li Gao said: lamb tangible things that can make a tangible air of muscle。 Hence it can be up to weak。 Ginseng, lamb of the genus。 Qi ginseng, lamb fill-shaped。 Flavored with lamb who are virtual blood, cover the yin yang born too long。 Chinese drink eat meat can not eat what you drink the medicine mutton heat, should eat in winter。
Such as suffering from acute inflammation, exogenous fever, recovering from fever, sore, swollen boils embolism, should not eat lamb。 If it is usually strong, thirst hi drink, constipation, should also Eat less meat, so as not to help heat disability allowance。 A lot of people because their body is not very good, drink traditional Chinese medicine to adjust, and we may know, eat traditional Chinese medicine to avoid certain food, which is a characteristic of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine to drink diet refers to the time to be adjusted on the food, do not eat some of Chinese medicine has side effects of food during this period must pay attention to their diet。
Chinese drink eat lamb so you can eat and drink traditional Chinese medicine can not eat meat and drink what you eat Chinese do not eat fat eat lamb was eaten during traditional Chinese medicine。 Qinbo end in "Chinese dietary problem for the patient" in said: who can cause dry mouth, red eyes, teeth, swelling, constipation of shepherd's purse, leeks ,, Golden dishes, may have fever, commonly known as fat objects。 Hair was essentially refers to the ingestion of certain foods can lead to relapse, disease, weight gain new food。 A wide range of hair thing, sometimes Hunxing food are regarded as fat objects。
In general, according to the performance of hair was divided into six categories: a fever of objects, such as shallot, ginger, pepper, pepper, lamb, dog and the like; two things as hair style, such as shrimp, crab, geese ,, Chunya; Third heat of the fat composition, such as caramel, rice, and the like; Fourth, the product was cold, e.g., pear, persimmon and other cold of the goods; Fifth blood was launched, such as hot pepper, pepper ; Sixth hair stagnation of gas was such as lamb ,, etc.。