Teach you judge men and women from the B-list

4 statement: Nipple black boy analysis: affected by the color of the nipple hormones, progesterone during pregnancy and increase in vivo levels of melanocyte stimulating hormone, leading to the surface of certain parts of the original darker black, when after giving birth will soon recover, this phenomenon has nothing to do with the sex of the fetus。 5 saying: eat eat acid and alkali boy or woman relationship analysis: someone alone to determine the taste of the food is acidic or alkaline, which itself is a misconception。
It should be emphasized that the imbalance in the body's acid-base status, usually due to illness。 6 saying: Morning sickness would love spicy food hot and sour sour child female Analysis: sour spicy woman child argument is no scientific basis。 In terms of medicine that boy or girl is mainly determined by the chromosomes in the mother's egg are with the X chromosome, while sperm contains X or Y ^ chromosome, if the sperm enters the egg is with the X chromosome, it is girl; if the sperm enters the egg is with?Chromosomes, is a boy。
So a boy or a girl is actually determined by the father。
In a certain sense, to conceive a boy or girl with environmental fertilized egg of a relationship, it is to say a relationship with the environment around the fallopian tubes。 7 saying: morning sickness morning girl born Resolution: 5900 survey conducted early pregnancy because pregnant women hospitalized with severe morning sickness, and found that the proportion of pregnant women gave birth to babies is 56%, 44% male baby。 But late in the pregnancy, severe morning sickness in pregnant women, the sex ratio of their baby but also similar to the normal distribution ratio。