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In order to fully utilize regional advantages, relying on the port and land resources, seize the opportunity to double the coastal Northeast and open, promote the rapid development of the coastal economic belt in Liaoning Province, in 2005, Liaoning Province, the provincial government proposed to create "five one strategic vision line "coastal economic zone。
That "5.1" strategy of opening up the province to build a new pattern。 The so-called "5.1", "five-point" that five key coastal development area, which is defined as: Dalian Changxing Island Harbor Industrial Zone Bohai Sea side of Liaoning (Yingkou) Coastal Industrial Base, in western Liaoning Jinzhou Bay Coastal Economic Zone (including Jinzhou and Huludao North port industrial Park West industrial zone) and Dandong in Liaoning industrial park on one side of the Yellow Sea, Dalian Zhuanghe garden mouth industrial Park。
"Frontline" that the coastal road。 Liaoning provincial government introduced the "Liaoning Provincial People's Government to expand the number of policy advice to encourage the opening up of key coastal development area" to determine the five key areas from the inside since January 1, 2006 for two years to enjoy the following new policies: the provincial finance give value-added tax, business tax, corporate income tax, personal income tax and property taxes turned over to the provincial portion of the 70 per cent increase in return; established within the areas of domestic support high-tech enterprises income tax relief and other aspects of taxation; implement administrative charges zero, thus forming policy "depression"。