The fate of the dragon born dragon-month human lucky number

Is a fate dragon born ten months how months of the year, the fate of the Zodiac twelve months of birth are different, and some fortunate and some unfortunate。
So, the fate of the dragon people born in the twelve months following how it would go and see small series with the fate of the dragon is a person born in the month it。
The fate of the dragon born months of January the fate of the dragon born human: the dragon in the first month of life, when the Chinese New Year: untimely, Qianlongwuyong。 There was a commanding presence, useless。 Everything frustration, fruitless。 Relatives could for him, helping less who married weak, depressed is not fun。
Born in February dragon fate: when the dragon's life in February Jingzhe: When is the light of day, take advantage of, Lilu Heng Tong, the culmination of work。 And Position look heavy, admired。
March fate of people born in the dragon: the dragon life in March, when the Ching Ming: handsome smart, have re-talented。
Strong-willed, indomitable, benefits Feats can do so。
There Qingyun Road, Ngau Tau preemption, tiger standings alone, is admired by everyone。
Born in April the dragon's fate: life dragon in April, the beginning of summer when: there is reclamation of the blog, to expose talented Xiantian。
Conquests, Yamaha Swagger, power and prestige hehe。
The stability of the world, fame, wealth。
The fate of the dragon born May month the fate of the dragon born human: the dragon of life in May, when the Grain in Ear: An Inquiry into the sea, While Allusion of。
Outspoken and assertive temperament, to overcome all difficulties, from authoritarianism to。
Fame exploits, such as sun and moon day。 Born June fate of the dragon: the dragon life in June, when it Slight: despite great talent, not every student Chen, cause more lost。 Lack of food and clothing, always difficult, such as the dragon sleepy shore。