Fukushima nuclear power plant accident after seven years of radioactive substances in food is still excessive

  [World Wide Web reports reporter intern Yang CHING] According to Japan's "Daily News" March 22 reported that the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare research team recently released results of a study that radioactive cesium exceeding the amount of food is affected by the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident occurs It has been reduced to 2%。 Basically no contaminated food from entering the market。 Researchers future radioactive cesium content of the investigation will focus on the meat of wild animals and fungi in。   After the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident, Japan 17 local administrations in accordance with radioactive cesium content standards formulated by the state, they may be contaminated food, commodity inspection within the jurisdiction。
The remaining regions have also launched a self-examination。
Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare research team is continuing to follow up on the years 2012 – 2016 over the test data were analyzed。   Data show that in 2012, there% more than the standard radioactive cesium content of the Food Sanitation Law of Japan (1BQ / g) in all test subjects。 2013-2017 every year, exceeding the proportion of food% and%%%。 From the point of view of the type of food being contaminated, in 2012, occupied% of radioactive cesium contamination of food crops and aquatic products accounted%。 2016, the ratio of reduced to produce contaminated%, the proportion of contaminated fish is reduced to%。 The research team believes that with the radioactive cesium in seawater diluted diffusion, soil decontamination and other measures are successful, aquatic products and excessive concentration of agricultural products also decreased。
  However, the wild animals in the concentration of radioactive cesium contained has not significantly reduced。 The research team analyzed that because the accident did not point the surrounding forest pollution cleanup work, in which wild animals which, after eating highly contaminated mushrooms, vegetables, by its nature difficult to reduce the degree of pollution。   To this end, the Japanese government take measures to prohibit the county or the county is prohibited in some areas processing and sale of game meat on the high pollution levels in 10 counties。
But for the six counties of the game industry, the appropriate adjustments to government policy requiring that wildlife must be whole head test to identify before listing after uncontaminated。